September 09, , I know I prefer to change the driver so we’ll see what happens. This does not need iplcd nor Mr. The INSTEON network protocol is a new cost-effective dual-mesh radio frequency – RF and powerline home management network technology, that provides a secure, highly-available, affordable, robust home management network for home innovations. I’ve tried some others and had problems with dropped characters.

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lihux September 07, I can imagine things like:. In addition he has added one very important little program called detach. Insteon Insteon is a product and protocol from Smarthome which is comparable to X10 you can find the developers forum at the Insteon Developers Forums.

Smarthome expects development of additional bridges to other network technologies based on market demand. We do not have a schedule as yet for doing this effort. ZBPServer also contains a rules engine that makes the gateway a powerful and flexible automation controller.

To conserve power, message repeating can be disabled in devices, such as battery operated devices. You might be surprised. The Linux Insteon support page This page is is page to provide support for Linux users who have purchased Smarthome’s Insteon products.


Linux Home Automation – Insteon support page

Plmtools are command line tools that interface to the Insteon PLM. To properly communicate with it I will need to rewrite the read and write routines to take advantage of the device. I have 3 different methods for accessing Mr.

Products are available at SmartHome. So far I have no format for the page so it’s a really dull looking page.

The Linux Insteon support page

And since I’m using some of his code from x10d I’ll be using Dan’s License. Despite my initial zeal about former X10 users migrating to Vera to linyx their old investment, I strongly believe that the several hurdles involved, and the complexity of setting up hardware without rigorous documentation might scare a lot of them away. What is a mesh network and how does it work? There is no need for routing tables, each device in the network receives messages simultaneously, independent of 24144u the message originated via a wireless or powerline linnux.

The device driver I mentioned in my original post provides a way for Luup to talk to the U, but the protocol is also different from a straight powerline modem.

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Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. On re-reading my earlier reply and your answer to it, I think I was unclear about this: The first byte is the number of bytes in the 8 byte packet I think the first nibble is a status nibble.


I too can’t get the U to work. I call them plmtools. At this time, we know a U or S serial modem should work, 241u MCV has not said whether other interfaces like 2414uu U might work.

September 09, Right now it’s a alpha code but I think it’s usable. To write the command 02 48 hex to the RS device you simply send: The 2 licenses are not quite compatible so I’ve corrected the license and adopted Dan’s License see the License file for more details. Insteon is a hybrid wireless and powerline home-control networking technology invented by SmartLabs Technology – a subsidiary of SmartLabs Inc. The short answer is definitely: At this time I haven’t figured out which is better. My U still isn’t working: