The two most likely reasons we would never see it happen, PC hardware manufacturers have so many different combinations of CPU’s, chipset’s and devices in their machines that Apple would have a hard time trying to make the OS work with all the possible hardware out in the wild. Posted April 8, Some of this article is a repeat of the Leopard install article, if you’ve just want to jump to the install instructions then click Here. Many audio chipset’s are not fully supported so you may have no sound or sound that works through headphones only or when plugging in headphones the internal speakers won’t turn off! Install screen Great you managed to reach the install screen, choose your language and click that [OK] button, wait for the next screen to load, we need to partition and format the disk before we can start the actual installation so click the top bar where it says ‘Utilities’ and from the drop down select ‘Disk utility’. To ensure a success you should try and match your hardware as closely as possible to what Apple has used in any of their various systems.

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You need to edit kext to make it works. Lan work too without any setting up. No registered users and 0 guests.

Its possible that i be wrong the installation of this PKG? Amazon have some that easily solve this problem. If the system locks up then simply hold the power button until the PC turns off and try again, if it locks up again you have something in your hardware config that 9465agn causing a problem you can wait for a newer version of Empire EFI to be released 496a5gn may fix your issue or do some research on your hardware to see if a fix is available.

Some laptops will have three. I only said, if other people can do it, I can do it.

I maac an issue on the U where the Empire EFI disk would not refresh and show the install disk Ii managed to fix the issue by simply unplugging the USB Optical drive and replugging it and then using the [F5] key.


Also, if for some reason you want to use an older card like the Intel or as a replacement, and upgrade Windows at the same time, take note that.

Sign in Already have an account? Additionally, if your laptop is running too hot, replacing this card could help lower the temperature a bit try to find where the card is located and see if it gets very warm during file downloads, streaming video from YouTube etc. Driver support for your OS: What is this wifi? Posted April 13, How to choose a replacement card Choosing which card to replace your AGN with will depend on your hardware, and also whether drivers are available for your version of Windows etc.

Driver for Intel AGN – µ PC Talk Forums

If possible in Windows XP or Vista open the ‘Control Panel’ then open the ‘System’ panel from here select the ‘Hardware’ tab then select ‘Device Manager’ now you need to select each piece of hardware then right-click 49655agn go to it’s ‘Properties’ from this window select the ‘Details’ tab and you will see a long string like the one below, record the whole string as you may need this information.

LAN is working perfectly. Built in Mic issue. No external display either. You also require a DVD Drive to perform the install and most video cards should work in VESA compatible mode but you may not have accelerated graphics. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Once you access the Bios you will need to browse through the menus and check if you have the 4965ahn options, if you do set them as indicated: It makes noise when you slide 4965agb LCD up or down.

You can now reboot your PC, and select “NST Mac OS 4965atn or whatever you chose to call it from the Vista bootloader, you will then be greeted with the familiar boot loader which will now have an new icon for the Windows partition simply press enter to boot OS X.


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I chose to install the driver however it is still not detected in the OS. Open Source Mac Free Mac Ware Pure Mac Last Words I have tried to make this guide as easy as possible to follow as many other guides assume the user has a higher level of knowledge then users may actually have, some of you may roll your eyes at the level of detail included but I hope the guide enables any user to perform, or at least attempt an install.

Here is a screen capture from the externally connected monitor running at x on the MSI Wind U running Snow leopard I have tried many kexts, but it doesn’t help. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Buy a compatible wireless card. Once the install is complete you will see a window stating the install was not successful because the boot drive is not set-up correctly don’t worry we’ll fix it later and the system may reboot.

Sign In Sign Up. Don’t think there are any kexts for that. Remember to be patient as you may have to install or try various things before you have your very own ‘Hackintosh’.

Some of you may be asking why anyone would bother trying to accomplish this when they could just buy a Mac to run OS X, Well a couple of reasons the 4965aagn reason relates to the fact that not everyone can or wants to purchase a Mac, second reason relates to trying OS without investing in any hardware.