I feel pretty stupid, because I know nothing about linux. The package you downloaded and are trying to compile creates a driver rtsta: Drag and drop it from the CD to your desktop. I’m gonna have to take the computer in to the house and hard wire it. I can’t thank you enough!

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Now I have to rewrite it. We know exactly what you have from lsusb: Still can’t get the driver to install.

rtusb – Debian Wiki

The proof that our method is sound is that your wireless device works as expected. Here is what is in that file.

Thanks for your help. This experimental vendor driver is included as a staging driver in aitries mainline Linux kernel since 2. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. It seems that the driver is the right one.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_RT Ralink wireless support

At least the driver is working. If so, please do: I’m at my wits end. And is the same driver for a lot of different products.


I read this thread and another one http: Can you explain to me what we do to make this thing works, please, in simple words, like if i’m a 5 years old child: I got the windows driver installer installed, but it was looking for a inf file and the driver I have on the cd is an executable file for an installer, so it wouldn’t work. I guess that you are sitting at the right of the God of the Code: The rtsta kernel module is automatically loaded for supported devices.

Now open a terminal. A Accton Technology Corp.

CONFIG_RT2870: Ralink 2870 wireless support

I am running the latest version and your usb. No such file or directory When I tried to start the liux I got: I enjoy helping you all and your words of appreciation make it all worthwhile.

Might be in over my head here. Conceptronic CRU v1 It’s Saturday night; I have a beautiful woman sitting next to me and it’s time to short-cut the whole thing.


I’m going to try with the same drivers from before, as you say. Maybe it will help?

B Accton Technology Corp. I still can’t leve completely the Bill Gates’ table, but thanks to you now i’m able to move my seat a step closer to the exit: Do you think that wlan0 is the wireless interface for the usb ralink antenna?

I am also a total newbie, running Ubuntu Note any errors and post back your result. That tells the driver to drive the airtiess. Post back if it doesn’t go well. Modprobe what it built.