Stress test CPU max. Collaboration is a must, egos are a no-go, and we prefer to do the work instead of just talk about it. Acer – Aspire One D Source: Laptops by Joshua Goldman Dec 12, This is easily enough for the maximum power consumption of This is comparatively good. Trees, houses, garden chairs, and users are mirrored.

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Acer homepage Acer notebook section. The latter also has a 49 Wh battery with mAh. Doing this the These minutes are only reached by the One D in an idle state though, with the onr brightness settings, and WLAN deactivated. You can even pick up a backup battery, secondary charger, or other parts, not to mention myriad accessories. The inconspicuous webcam has a good resolution with 1. The noise could only be heard by placing the ear against it.

Acer Aspire One D – External Reviews

The operating system comes with the usual recovery partition on the hard drive. The very long battery life is supported by a low power consumption as expected.

Acer – Aspire One D Source: The D in the name of our tested device stands for Dual.


The single core Aspire One already gave up after 4. Finest dust particles accumulate there as well as on the display surface. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

There are dozens of Acer laptop reviews per asplre, the ratings are average as of Video Output Graphics Processor. Hard Drive Spindle Speed.

Acer Aspire One D255 Laptops & Parts

Sustainability Greenpeace policy rating Nov The multimeter shows a mere 4. Two tiny haptical raised lines separate the touch sensitive area on the left and right sides. The signal level appeared noise free in our listening test.

It does not have a large Volt power cable dimensions. Computer Shopper If you’re looking to buy a netbook, chances are good that price is your number-one purchasing factor.

Acer Aspire ONE D255

The Cinebench R10 single bit scores points. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Another flaw when typing on the One D is the narrow palm resting area.

Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire and more Work, play and everything in between, it’s all better on a bigger screen with great tools to boost your experience. Please, switch off ad blockers. IT Reviews As with most of the Aspire One range, the D is a relatively fast and efficient netbook with the added bonus of a new dual-core CPU and a comfortably large keyboard. The table surface reflects the sound waves, and provides for an even distribution.


Despite a higher TDP this was not the case. Touchpad The multi-touchpad V7. That the battery run times don’t shorten as a result, and instead increase is shown by our tested device. A N scores 1. With a little searching and some savvy shopping, your Acer Aspire One D screen and keyboard can be back to new in no time.

The result is a trade off that will work for those that don’t need the storage space or long running times but if you need it, there are other options available.