You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfOpinions such as viewing all the images, interacting with existing members and access to certain forums. Great experience and customer service. Plus there are a lot other reasons why i don’t quite like using a parralel tip due to technical reason compare to the taper tip. Posted 30 September – I’ve had a couple of irons re-shafted after I’ve snapped or bent the originals.

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In a sort-of-related note, A pal of mine had his x’s reshafted because he didn’t like the feel of the “uniflex” steel that Callaway’s come with. Currently, experimenting with 6g of lead tape on the toe – that’s another story.

Callaway Reshaft Experience – Equipment Opinions –

What’d Callawah Shoot Today? By iacasJanuary 2, in Golf Talk. Posted August 18, I highly recommend the use of shafting beads to help keep the shaft centered and prevent the possibility of a leaner.

DG long taper are available starting from a The old ferrules can be safe and reuse by using a wet tissue technique, however require some experiences to be able to heat it up without melting the ferrule.


Please log in to reply. Hence the club frequency come out to reg flex.

Next lightly roughen the shaft tip. Bumping an old reshfat in hopes of some guidance. I also run a rat tail file in the tip end of the shaft since they tend to be very smooth inside and don’t adhere well. You’ll find that attacking the job from several different angles turning the club around will make it easier.

Register for free today! Did not encountered any problems with the Driver reshaft.

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Want to hide this ad? Posted 30 September – While like any other installation you want a light film of epoxy on the shaft, make sure there is a sufficient amount to fill the channel at the top of the club head and under the ferrule.

Under no circumstances should you use a torch on titanium heads. He can be reached in the shop at or MWeidel aol. You cannot reply to this topic. Posted 25 January – By Bigmiddy21Tuesday at And we all know how important cosmetics are to the golfer’s mental health!

Great experience and customer service. I have seen many Bertha reshafts where the finish, particularly of the bore thru sole plate area, was less than satisfactory. Reshxft won’t really be able to try out different shafts and my one concern is that when I’m hitting my irons well I have a very high ball flight.


Callaway does not tip trim shafts for fairway woods regardless of what the shaft manufacturer’s recommendation. Any generic advice on callawah shaft that would keep that from becoming a balloon would be great.

Callaway Reshaft Experience

When the shaft is flush to the sole you will find that you’ve hit the duct tape in several spots good, it did it’s job! From a xallaway availability standpoint, boring the hosels has always been a much easier way to go.

Keep in mind the GBBII woods have bore thru hosels which stiffens the tip without additional tip trimming. Make sure the shafts you’re going to get suit your swing better than current one.

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