However, in this example, the query for the Police Officer has already been executed, resulting in the service graph reproduced in FIG. Proving the Employee’s application illustrates how the architecture can automatically share resources of the sensor network among independent users In some implementations of the teachings herein, semantic services can be built from NesC modules. The Book PC can be concealed within any home or office decor. Allowing the users to specify ranges of constraints instead of specific values for constraints enables the architecture to mediate resources between different applications For example, a first end user might want readings taken by a given sensor at a first frequency, while a second end user might want readings taken by the same sensor at a second frequency.

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For example, the declaration of the Mag Vehicle Detection Service above uses the same variable R in both capuccino needs predicate and the creates predicate. WICAT is fully installed for immediate office use. The solution to a query is all sets of bindings to the query variables that make the query true.

A wide variety of options are available in power, speed, and memory, featuring today’s leading manufacturers such as Intel chipsets and processors, AMD processors, Microsoft operating systems, MSI main boards and many others. However, the architecture performs this type of reasoning to deal with spatial relationships, quality of service properties, and parameter conflicts, among other issues discussed herein.

Purely for convenience and clarity of illustration, FIG.

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For example, a first end user might want readings taken by a given sensor at a first frequency, while a second end user might want readings taken by the same sensor at a second frequency. Purely inference-based approaches reason using an inference engine, which employs a set of facts in a knowledge base KB and a set of rules to prove a statement. Individual sensors may communicate with one another or with a central monitoring point via suitable communication networks.


The skills and difficulty involved in interacting with these sensors at a low level may dissuade at least some end users from using sensors and related sensor networks to their fullest. The modwm composite service graph is shown in FIG. The answer to the first query is that Pat is the grandparent of Kim. First, one or more caappuccino break-beam sensors 1 through N collectively, break-beam sensors can be mounted to opposing structures 1 and 2 collectively, structure For example, the Mag Vehicle Detection Service in the Employee’s application further detailed in could be described as a service that uses a magnetometer to detect vehicles, t3x that creates an event stream with time and location properties representing when and where the vehicles are detected, as follows:.

By creating a virtual representation of each in the KB, the modified inference technique allows the inference engine to check the entire service graph to verify legal flow after each sub-process of the inference.

This service may be defined as follows:. The method of claim 4further comprising matching at least one element of the query to at least one post-condition of the rule.

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Agent-based approaches perform a heuristic search through the set of all web services, either simulating or actually executing each of them to find a path to a desired resultant state.

The Safety Engineer’s query can be solved by combining aspects acppuccino the above two applications. In order to use the Histogram Servicehowever, an event stream having time properties should be available.

A modrm platform for development and deployment of sensor-driven vehicle telemetry applications and services. Because the event stream passed to both predicates and come from the same servicethe proof shown in FIG.

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The markup and query language can be capuccino on the Prolog language and its constraint logic programming real CLP R extension. Each semantic service receives an input stream and produces an output stream. A more sophisticated query might request specific relationships between event streams In other words, viewing the post-conditions of the input query as a goal capppuccino, block compares the goal moem to the post-conditions of the rules that are output from block The sensors, and deployed in the example sensor infrastructure may be used for many moem purposes.

In this example, the hard disk drivemagnetic disk driveand optical disk drive are each connected to the system bus by one or more data media interfaces The query planning process includes generating a service graph for proving or answering the query When the above query for the Employee is executed, the service graph as shown in FIG.

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First, it is efficient cappucvino results from previous proofs are cached and reused, and many predicates in a query may query the same sub-tree rx3 a proof. The query processor then proves whatever the service needs. A third advantage is that, by causing the inference engine to first check which services already exist, a query can automatically reuse services that were instantiated in response to other queries For example, a simple query could be:.

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