You are doing something else. I also own an acoustic grand. Logically, she should be struggling with the piano to pianissimo dynamic range. The confusing part for me is that the suffering should logically be in quieting the piano, not in bringing it to a forte. The Clavinova is great for pianists seeking to train at home or in a place where we will not disturb anyone.

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This adjustment may take only a matter of seconds for a professional pianist, but considerably cl-p240 for a young student. Our company has a solid financial basis to trade and all premises are owned in full by the directors. The effects are nice but nothing extraodinaire, they can be combined to a number of made wider.

Practice Valve Acoustic Bass. In case you have any doubts, you should disregard the post of Gyro. Having obtained for euros I think he has no investment without return because it is really worth and if I had the opportunity to buy clvinova digital piano in this range it would probably be it.

Ideal for people living in an apartment or place a little smaller than a house clafinova sound level, but I would advise to replace your acoustic piano if you can afford to keep it.

My experience with YAMAHA CLP – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Logically, she should be struggling with the piano to pianissimo dynamic range. Those who enjoy playing with a metronome, however, could not have comfort with the one supplied with software for Claver.

Then feel free to change and rechange instruments and configurations you want to play. Credit provided subject to age and status. The problem was that she was not hitting the keys in the correct way.


When I got the acoustic, I realized exactly what the original post says — learning on a digital can hamper development, and it certainly, in virtually all cases, limits the player and the learning experience.

On acoustic pianos although she said the keyboard feel much lighter, but the sound she made for forte is no difference than pianissimo unless she really put in more force into it — An then can not play in the same way as she practice.

For CLP I think my daughter developed her own method of pressing down the keys, but that same method doesn’t apply well to the acoustic piano — could be because of in group lesson teachers wouldn’t pay any attention to how they first hit the keys, and group lessons were on digital as well. My daughter plays significantly faster on K-3 than CLK 3.

Yamaha Introduces The Clavinova CLP-240 In Polished Ebony

Boss Clsvinova Vox Dunlop. And now she said there is no big difference clxvinova K-3 to those real pianos she played including a Steinway concert piano Comparing those two pianos, 1. It will take a long time before technology changes that situation.

Teachers seem think digital pianos are somehow a menace, but this is just plain stupid, because digital pianos mean more students for them, more contented students, students who practice more–all in all, digital pianos are the best thing that’s ever happened in the piano world.

But then, you are not playing the piano. There is one difference that I can easily tell: Also there could be a very small difference in the acoustic when the hammer hit the string, the key is not at the bottom.


My living situation forces me to use a digital piano for much of my practice, but I try to limit it to doing the initial study and learning of the required coordination and always finish my pieces on my grand piano.

The configuration could not be easier: Portable Stage Home Rhythm Beginners. It has all the standard advantages of a digital piano. He served very well for comprehension problems encountered. For sounds, so it’s as explained above: Starting from 2nd half of last year we have noticed the she has problem playing the grand piano during her lesson.

Will Johnny Come Marching Home? The major problem is she is not developing the skill for Dynamics especially forte, this is especially clear when she plays the Czerny-Germer’s piano study.

For the Yamaha CLP setting to heavy or clsvinova setting doesn’t change the feel of key, they are exactly the same, I assume they just load different recorded waves. And now with the latest sound developments the best sound comes from a Clavinova. I had the impression that for a student it doesn’t make a difference.

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