From here, follow the self-explanatory, onscreen prompts to guide you through the installation process. The latest versions of the asterisk , libpri , and zaptel packages may not necessarily be the same version number. What Packages Do I Need? All compiled OK on this box, used zaptel and it is actually up and running on a ztdummy. Add the following lines to the end of your rules file:.

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Programs are placed into asterisk-addons when there are licensing issues preventing them from being implemented directly into the Asterisk source code, or when they are not considered mature enough to be integrated with Asterisk. To execute a command without connecting to the CLI and typing it perhaps for use within a scriptyou can use the – cmpile switch in combination with the – r switch:. Most channels do not support the transmission of images, so this directory is rarely used.

Alternatively, complie development and zaptell you will probably want to work with the latest branch. Tables and show the commands run by the script as if you had typed them into the command-line interface CLI yourself:.

On a busy system, you may not want to get any output, as it can interfere with whatever you are doing on cpmpile console. There is a project at http: In addition to the executables, make clean also removes the intermediary files i. The libnewt libraries and their development packages newt-devel on Red Hat-based distributions must be installed for zttool to be compiled. The zaptel module must be zsptel before any of the other modules are loaded and used.


There is a project at http: If you receive the following error while attempting to run the configure script, you must install the gcc compiler and its dependencies:.

3. Installing Asterisk – Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition [Book]

Thus, in order to keep Asterisk licensing simplistic, it was decided to use version 1 as it is released under the BSD license. This option is good when you are debugging your startup parameters, but should not be used for a normal system if Asterisk is already running, this option will ccompile work and will issue a complaint.

RPM, btw, is a bad idea; its a kernel module. The Zaptel interface is a kernel loadable module that presents an abstraction layer between the hardware drivers and the Zapata module in Asterisk. Tip In bash and other shell systems which za;tel ityou can use an extremely handy feature called Tab completion.

The easiest way is to start Asterisk by running the binary file directly from the Linux command-line interface. If you selected Remove All Partitions or Remove All Linux Partitions, a warning dialog will be displayed that asks if you want to proceed.

Untar and make zap, libpri, asterisk. Wider browser support will be available with future versions.

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First we need to run. The About to Install screen is displayed, giving you an opportunity to delay or abort the installation process. CentOS can be obtained from http: To allow Zaptel and other device drivers to access the PCI hardware installed in your system, you must add some rules. Within this directory are the various applications, codecs, formats, and channels used by Asterisk.


For instance, if you are using a T1 card and there is no communication between the endpoints, you will see a red alarm. We commit strictly to technologies and solutions that we have exploited, tested and documented ourselves.

Two programs installed along with Zaptel are ztcfg and zttool. If you are not sure what distribution to choose, CentOS is an excellent choice.

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Once you have completed your installation and rebooted your machine, you will be able to access the Asterisk GUI. The following commands will build Zaptel and its modules:. This server is significantly slower than the bit.

The Time Zone Selection screen offers several ways for you to select the time zone appropriate for your installation. If the Asterisk process is already running for example, if you have installed Asterisk compi,e part of the init process of the systemuse the reconnect switch, like so:.

The process for creating a CD image will vary depending upon the CD authoring software you are using.