EXE and a few external commands: The standard display provided the file list, lots of status details, and the menu across the bottom of the screen. They say it provides DOS 3. Intel releases the Intel microprocessor, a lower cost variant of the which has an 8-bit external data bus instead of the bit bus of the the bit registers and one megabyte address space were unchanged. Initially the programs were sold separately, but by October Norton offered them as a package called The Norton Utilities. Nearly all new computers, regardless of size, now come with a semiconductor memory or a choice between semiconductors and cores.

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Users said they don’t need its large disk partitions, can’t afford to update dosshe,l existing machines, and are wary of problems with how DOS 4.

Timeline of DOS operating systems

Stac Electronicsthe maker of Stacker disk compression software, sues Microsoft for infringement of two of its file compression patents by the upcoming MS-DOS 6. Half-height disk drives, ROM cartridges.

Visi On, the first graphical user interface-based operating environment for the PC—generally viewed as VisiCorp’s answer to Apple’s Lisa—ships.

Jouse would name it Software Product of the Year was their awardee.

Timeline of DOS operating systems – Wikipedia

It featured the moving of the DOS kernel and command. Microsoft case as plaintiff’s exhibitretrieved The programs are Referee from Persoft Inc. Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry.


Another handy feature in Norton Commander was the detailed System Information display. Excel for Microsoft Windows requires Windows and includes Windows 2. Graphics is moving from niche markets to an overall system technology incorporated in almost every type of application with the development of user interface technology. Hardware vendors are taking longer than usual to adopt doshell new DOS for their hardware. A month after the Federal Trade Commission deadlocks for the second time with a vote on whether to take action against Microsoft, the Justice Department officially notified Microsoft that it was proceeding with the case, ending the FTC’s three-year investigation.

Disk utilities, DoubleSpace disk compression. Soon after release, some users with non-IBM hardware reported hard drive problems.

A mouse is optional—the Microsoft, Mouse Systems and Logitech mouse types with dosshel two or three buttons are supported. For a number of reasons, software designed for the CGA’s graphics mode won’t work properly under the EGA’s emulation mode, but software designed for the MDA generally does.

Quarterdeck calls it the first “control program” or “virtual machine manager” for based machines—it runs up to nine applications simultaneously in up to KB of memory each, supporting applications using EMS memory, even though that isn’t an inherent feature of virtual mode.

One feature was the ability to list all files on a hard drive in a single alphabetized list along with the path and other attributes.

The choice is not a simple one. The remaining sectorsbytes store the data contents of files. Just to name a few: Another handy feature in Norton Commander was the detailed System Information display.


Dinosaur Sightings: DOS File Managers

They will be released simultaneously in the fourth quarter this year. I still have the original package—a 6×9 binder-like folder that contained the 5.

About 40 percent of the nearly 7 million Intel-based PCs shipped this year will be shipped without an operating system, spelling big bucks for retail DOS sales. A number of vendors are writing directly to the screen rather than the VDI to get better performance, sosshell Lotus and Ashton-Tate. Also available is Microsoft’s Macro Assembler.

Windows 98 is released for retail at one minute past midnight on the 25th. Per-processor licenses forcing PC makers to pay royalties for Microsoft software with every machine shipped, even those shipped without any Microsoft software Unreasonably long contracts—typically three to five years; licenses are limited to one or two years Overly restrictive non-disclosure agreements ; such agreements are limited to one year and can’t prevent programmers from working on rival operating systems Requiring PC makers to purchase another Microsoft product as a condition for licensing a Microsoft operating system [].

A very nice feature in XTreeGold was the built-in Undelete command. Novell releases Novell DOS 7. Image created by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic. Copying files from one location to another was as easy as pressing [F5].