Outside of the battlefield there’s a lot of more casual interaction – for example LaNm really likes Fear’s look with a beard and let him know it before. For example, old chicken finished schooling and made his attempt into professional esports with the approval of his parents, knowing that the scene is at a point where it can be an option for players who have the talent and drive. But itemization for carry is mostly up to the player. Glad to know Chinese teams are starting to make fan gear like that! Foosball for sure every time TI comes, same with ping pong as there are always these two at the TI hotel. Alliance prefers to be ignored. Alliances last games against Chinese teams were the WCA finals, where lgd took them to 5 games.

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Just wanted to say thank you for doing this! This also explains the rear composite SCART connections the defacto standard for AV equipment in Europe – not as useful here but some local home theatre buffs are sure to welcome it.

Do you have any crazy drafts that you did not expect would work well? I want to know about LaNms experience as being captain, is it stressful for him, did you have to teach the inexperience players how to play in a specific way? Cty’s chinese full name is Chen Tian Yu, so picked up 3 first letters to be Cty. Just want to cheer you guys up here! As for India, this may not be the case yet but everything takes time. The groups will probably show us quite a bit, and then who we play in elimination will be important regardless of who they fu be.


You come to ehom community, Wonnder root for you. As for why exactly no Indian teams have been able to do this, we haven’t been to India and don’t really have experience with the country’s esports scene.

We are EHOME. Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major! : DotA2

Its the best name in the scene. We’ve actually just launched a mini series where we get members of the club and talk to them about relevant topics of the time. I’ll open a sweater shop. The fact that there’s been some success and a bright wondder ahead fills us with happiness!

Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major!

Driver Updates

You can ask iceiceice though, surely he’ll ehpme a good answer. If something doesn’t make sense, sorry! I have noticed teams experiment with position 4 dooms not new, but more common recently and Jungle LC’s You did that in mDL if im not wrong. Seemed he cane kinda out of nowhere.

Must-see PC: Digital Media Station

Overall fv, we’d like to win fans over by good play, an appreciation for our fans, and creating a presence that is unique to EHOME so when it’s us, you know it’s us. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Foosball for sure every time TI comes, same with ping pong as there are always these two at the TI hotel. It’ll always be a learning experience when things shift but we are always learning anyway. D Also some CS: We scouted him in the DAC qualifiers, he’d previously been noticed as a high level ladder player as well.


Must-see PC: Digital Media Station – PC World Australia

Also, are you guys under streaming contracts? Perhaps it’d be convenient to run an eBay store or to collaborate with the other teams to make an online shop that sells outside of China.

What do you think about the current meta wobder the recent nerf to Invoker? If I were ehome the only teams I would be concerned about would be eg and og.

A lot of the drafts that surprise the audience were also thought of by us on the spot. When we restarted EHOME last year, they used the word ‘reborn’ – perhaps this word is more applicable to me myself. Did you contact him or someone gave you his contact or something else? Infrared receivers for the bundled stylish Media Center remote and wireless keyboard with built-in trackball are integrated into the DMS, making for a neat setup.

The situation actually isn’t that bad.

Which are your favorite locations to travel to for tournaments? Lately they like tuning into some random Chinese streamers while they wait for a match to start.