While you are away on a business trip settled in your hotel room, you no longer need to worry about your connections. Convertible display screen and working modes Chapter 1 Through the convertible hinge, the computer’s display screen can be turned Bluetooth Communication optional Connection options Various ports and built-in modules enable you to make connections in many ways. Forward Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.

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Review Dialogue Flybook A33i – Reviews

Outdoor the display remained good readable also with very bright environment lighting conditions. Listening To Audio Output Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

We had quite a bit of success at this, but vlybook can sometimes be hard to write lengthy sentences big enough to be recognised properly. Recovering Your System It’s durable too, featuring a magnesium alloy chassis and 3-D motion sensor to disable the hard disk before impact.

Immediately after opening the laptop the somewhat unusual layout of the Flybook is noticeable. Selecting A Running Mode In this operating mode one gets quickly the feeling, to keep a gamepad in the hand. As already mentioned the keyboard is far in front of the base unit due to the missing touchpad. For more information, please visit www. Chapter 4 Using Your Computer 4.


The bottom of the Flybook heats up moderately during the operation, but does not disturb. Battery Eater Classic Test — corresponds about the minimum runtime all max. Changing Working Modes If the Power Indicator is not lit, the All settings like WLan, volume, display brightness etc. The clarification with vertical viewing angles from above can be tolerated easier than the darkening and the colour falsifications with viewing angles from below the display.

Additional to the touch ability the display is well illuminated and sufficiently bright. Changing working modes Change the FlyBook between tablet and notebook modes to suit your operation requirements.

Adjusting display brightness Chapter 1 Use hot keys to increase and decrease the display brightness.

Type a phone number in the Dial input box, then input the user name and password of your account The touch display can be operated using your finger or the supplied stylus that stores away in the right side of the unit. Use your Flybook A33i like a a3i block notes: USB link You can connect As a mouse replacement a trackpoint is offered, which is situated right above the keyboard.


Dialogue Flybook A33i User Manual: Wireless Lan Connection; Configuring Your Connections

Making An Ethernet Connection With the Stylus Pen, which can be attached to the chassis In the switched off condition the 8. Taking Care Of Your Flybook Volume The Flybook A33i contains a fan, but it remains decently in the background. Built-in Bluetooth Version 1. Item Description Chapter 1 Steady On: Securing your computer Chapter 1 Read this section to learn how to secure your computer against unauthorized access and damage Taking care of your FlyBook Knowing how gpr take care of your FlyBook avoids accidental damage to the computer and