FAAST LT loop based devices are available as single channel and dual channel devices, offering flexibility for different detection strategies. Conforms to EN and EN Only available in English. Extendable to 8 by using the 4-input expansion board ST. IP54 in accordance with EN Panels are delivered without labels that have to be ordered separately. The Loop Booster has been designed to be connected to mains power VAC and with two 12V, 12 Ahr sealed lead-acid batteries provides up to 72 hours standby.

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Loopcomm LP-8617 Free Driver Download (Official)

For use with “local zones”. Extremely flexible and reliable, it can manage up to 64 or or gas detectors according to the different 4 versions. A full range of advanced input and output modules, fire detectors, LED boards, sprinkler repeaters, mimic drivers and other peripherals allow you to obtain a flexible sprinkler alarm system. On this slave panel loopcokm 70 C temperature sensor can be added providing a failsafe opening system.

The opening lp-917 a smoke vent can be done automatically by a smoke detector but it is up to the fire brigade to decide if the smoke vent must be closed when it brings to much oxygen in the building. The RP1r-Supra compact control panel includes: MCP flush with flexible element With changeover contacts max. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Lp–9617 its modern design, global tone set and extensive installer-friendly features, the ENscape sounder is the logical choice for specifiers, installers and distributors.


The conventional Llopcomm smoke detector and the air inlet sampling tube must be ordered separately. G 3 M Single supervised output module 4 The M control module provides a monitored single output circuit for use with polarised loads sounder circuit which requires a suitable power source 7VDC 30VDC for the connected load.

manuf – wireshark – protocol dissector with Osmocom additions (obsolete)

A range of customisable settings are geared towards maximizing device performance and meeting different application needs. Alarm levels are configurable per controller. The detector provides alarm and fault relays with auxiliary events relay as an option. Average life time is 48 months. The FR increases the temperature of the prism through the mounting plate thus maintaining the reflector at a higher temperature than the surrounding air.

LaserScanner is similar to the LaserPlus, but includes a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold and software to control lp-9671 airflow from the four sectors pipes. A dynamic regulation stabilizes the output voltage and keeps it within the preset tolerance range.

Elaborate filters eliminate all interferences and reduce the residual ripple from loopcimm VAC mains. They replace the Wx series. Two innovations in smoke detection technology have been developped for the revolutionary OSID smoke detector. There are inputs circuits for low and flow pressure monitoring, open door control; hold and release abort call points and status relays general fault, extinguishing release activated, preactivation, extinguishing release in progress, extinguishing release cancelled, manual mode, automatic mode.

Bronze braided high resistance int. Delay to avoid unwanted opening closing: Requires a RS interface. RS serial port for PC connection for programming or supervising the system via a specific software Parallel port for printer connection. The unit transmits a coded message, preventing spurious alarms being generated by other laser based devices. ITS-BOX creates a fully transparant serial connection to existing PC-based software applications, making it possible to remotely connect to equipment already in the field as if it were connected to a local PC serial port.


Nickel plated steel body; base in ABS. As a premier More information. A major feature of the new family is that both the wall-mounted and detector base devices will use the new Series Advanced BAP base, loipcomm reducing the number of separate parts that have to be stocked and managed.

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Multiple translators can be installed on each loop. The flame detectors include a stainless steel housing with a heated window, to eliminate condensation and icing; HART capabilities for digital communications; lower power requirements; and a compact, lightweight but highly durable and weather resistant design.

Dartford Plug in slots K More information. The key switch contains electronics to connect this three position switch with only two, lp–9617 independent wires, to the Sahep panel.