Three-year limited warranty See the limited warranty and license agreement. If your LifeCam has autofocus capability, it may take a few seconds to focus clearly. Have connected a headset or speakers and microphone on their computer. Share this page Facebook Logo. Make sure you are connected to a high-speed Internet connection, such as broadband or DSL.

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I get an error message that says the camera is currently in use by another application.

Microsoft Webcams

Follow Microsoft Accessories Facebook Logo. Hard Drive space 1. Make sure that you have enough memory and hard disk space.

Check that the LifeCam lens is not covered or blocked, and the LifeCam has enough lighting. Wait a few seconds. Shut down the LifeCam software and unplug all the Microsoft devices you have plugged into your computer. Enclosed software supports p HD recording.

Other information Internet functions and Software Installation also require: Make sure that you have a headset or speakers and microphone on your computer, and they are not muted.


Software download required for full functionality of all features. Other items you may like. You do not have to close your instant messaging program for the LifeCam microsot work. Shoot with great accuracy in wide angle with the LifeCam precision glass element lens.

TrueColor technology supported on Windows 8, Windows 8.

Internet functions and Software Installation also require: Auto focus From four inches to infinity. Tripod mount Ready to be mounted on a standard tripod.

You cannot run the LifeCam software and make a video call with your instant microsoftt program at the same time since they both require complete, unshared access to your LifeCam webcam.

Disconnect and reconnect the LifeCam. Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse.

LifeCam Studio

Check the permissions for the folder in which you save your LifeCam files. Is not currently running the LifeCam software. Make sure that you have contacts in Windows Live Messenger, or add one.

Use this compatibility chart to find out if the LifeCam Cinema works with your operating system. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.


Microsoft Accessories | Webcams

LifeCam creates the LifeCam Files folder in your default Pictures folder to store photos, video, and audio clips. Check out these helpful resources for product support:. Have received and can accept the invitation to the video call. Follow Microsoft Accessories Facebook Logo. Make sure that your instant messaging microoft allows you to make video calls. Your contact has accepted your invitation to start the video call.

Auto focus Images stay sharp and detailed, even close-ups. Keep microsot subject crisp with autofocus, from four inches to infinity. Connect to a different USB port.