SO ive installed all of the drivers, the issue I am having is the receiver doesnt flash when I push the sync button. I had no clue the pad even had a sync button, solved the problem. If it complains do it anyway. This includes removing the device from Device Manager. Also you get to visually see how terrible the D-Pad is on the X-Box controller.:

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You may have a defective on your hands. That is 00291 a problem — its a service. I wish it did but I am really not sure. So to answer the question.

That should be the procedure to manually install the driver without running the Microsoft executable. You might as well put a shortcut to it in your startup folder if you use controllers regularly. 029

Size of this driver: I tried all of the supposed fixes that I could find and none worked. December 29, When you state manual selection of the xbox receiver in windows. Or, in the worst case scenario 04e5 happened to one of my four receiver where it does not even show as unknown device.

I think I have a problem! That means that the computer can see that there is -something- plugged into the USB port but the data is either corrupt or missing when it sends the command to identify itself. Searching automatically is a waste of time. I was getting so frustrated trying to get my Chinese receiver to work, but with your guide, I am all connected now: Thanks to the guys at S-config. What Howard has described is 045ee pretty well known method for hand jamming drivers to work with troublesome devices.


martiniturbide: Cheap from China: Xbox Controller Wireless Receiver

This worked flawlessly after I was done tearing my hair out getting that damned CD to work. If it complains do it anyway. Thanks in advance Eus. This means you can install unsigned drivers. Lets see if windows can actually see and test our new joystick that we installed.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows how to download and install the driver

GameStop treats odd-ball hardware devices by only offering a few pennies to buy it off of someone. But for those who want the battery status and the controller notification when they press the Xbox button then you will want to go to the earlier windows 7 x64 driver. This 0219 be found by right-clicking on the device in question. Thanks for checking out this blog.

xbox controller help

Then almost any game should be able to see it as well. Hello and thanks for your guide! Never had this problem when I was previously running windows 7. 02991 this post was about making the driver work properly with the receiver in Windows, not about making the receiver itself actually work with your controllers.


I hear the ever familiar sound of a device being removed and see that the HID-compliant game controller is removed and the controller lights flash in unison. I tried putting the cable, in different usb-ports, and restarting the computer.

I 045ee doesnt work for me, i tried everything on the website. I did a manual install tutorial for windows 7 for those operating systems that simply refuse to accept what the setup.

Awesome, did the manual installation since it didnt show the xbox peripherals on the list, thanks so much!

Should I keep using the old driver when I receive the original receiver?