“Rasa” – a Sanskrit word which suggests ‘juice’ or ‘essence’ and aesthetics, it denotes an essential mantle state when such emotions evokes in. Read Abhigyan Shakuntalam book reviews & author details and more at Amazon .in. Free delivery on Abhijnana-Shakuntalam of Kalidasa. R. ar. In kalidas’s play Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Shakuntala was the foster child of Rishi Kanva. She was as beautiful and untouched as the flora and.

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He is captivated by Shakuntala, courts her in royal style, and marries her. She is aabhigyan a ring by the king, to be presented to him when she appears in his court. He took Indra chariot and went in search of Shakuntala deep into the forest and came to see a surprising scene in the forest. Popular posts from this blog Themes of the novel Robinson crusoe.

The first Indian drama ever to be oalidas into a western language was Abhigyan Shakuntalam. If a reader is reading the work, he of course will try to imaging the beauty of sakuntala and it will evoke the attraction and an emotion of love in his mind, it is an experience of Srngaram Rasa.

Ruchika desired a son having the qualities of a Brahmin, and so he gave Satyavati a sacrificial offering charu which he had prepared to achieve this objective. The simple, direct and brief dialogues make his language easy and effective.

Abhigyan Shakuntalam- Kalidas’s Shakuntala in Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings.

Shakuntala reached the court, she reminded the king of their marriage. Many website have been researched with variety of different content of which copyright has not been obtained but this blog is solely research blog for creating awareness among human beings.

Sea coast has been coming back since last 26, years and this would be about the time this was on land Post was not sent – check your email addresses! In the Natyashastra, Bharat muni tells that natya was extracted from the Vedas: Maneka took refuge in the Hermitage of sage Kanva, who adopted the girl born to her. To his surprise he was informed it was his own son Bharat. The divine voice vak speaks only to Kanva to let him know that his daughter is pregnant.


This gives credence to the story of Lord Parashurama reclaiming land from sea But when friend of Sakuntala went behind Durvasa to stop him and forgive Sakuntala, he returns and says that he is not able to take his words back but he could make its effect light with blessing her that if she will give such sign of love to his husband he will recognise her. At this point, Indra, the king of Swarga attempts to test the tapasvin by sending Menaka, an apsara to seduce him.

ABHIGYANA SHAKUNTALAM-by Kalidas, Oldest Love Story

Many days passed and Shakuntala was speculating why King Dushyanta did not revisit her. It suggests that every object and meaning has an emotional effect which diverts human mind with its experience and controls the heart and mind of human.

The descriptions appeal to finer emotions of the readers. On Dushyanta’s entry, fleeting emotions like confusion, wonder, fear, curiosity, bashfulness and such others seem to fill the minds of all the characters present.


Sakuntala was in thoughts of Dushyant when he was not there and at that time Durvasa came into an ashram of Kanv and sakuntala did not replied him and he cursed her, this was the very first shakuntlaam when tragedy happens and it continuous further when she went to his husband Dushyant and tries to recall his memory that she is his wife but he did not accept her and bu blame her and finally her own guardian also blames her by saying.

But it also arouses the pathetic sentiment i. King Dushyanta marries Shakuntala, but has to leave for Hastinapur to fulfil his commitments. Freedom and restraint are marvelously blended in her. The American History and Encyclopedia of Music.

He then has to leave to take care of affairs in the capital. Since the play is a love drama the only negative emotions introduced in the play are worry, anxiety, sorrow and heartburn, but these emotions are just momentary. Apte’s The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary.


The King abstained from killing the antelope and was invited to b hermitage. Kalidasa satisfies all the expectations to the spectators. Here he has clearly presented his views and description of the appearance of Sakuntala her clothing, that how she looks. Shakuntala means one who is brought up by birds.

Indian Dramatics-Natyashastra and Abhigyanshakuntalam | Paramita Bhattacharya –

Kalidasa uses the technique to transport the audience through both earthly and cosmic spaces. The Natyashastra prescribes the time of day for the performance of plays of particular styles shakuntakam themes, but the chief determining factor for performance is rasa. According to Vishnu Purana,kushika married a damsel belonging to Purukutsa dynasty later called as Shatamarshana lineage — descendents of the Ikshvaku king Trasadasyu and had a son by name Gaadhi who had a daughter named Satyavati not to be confused with the Satyavati of Mahabharata.

By the end of the first three chapters sakuntala and Dushyant are in love with each other, and wanted to marry with each other. Vibhava is the cause karanathe main stimulating cause being termed as alambana vibhava the determinantand, the environmental factors that are additional causes termed as uddipana vibhava excitant.

One day, a powerful Rishi, Durvasa, shakhntalam to the hermitage. The repudiation had to be genuine, that is, based on a genuine lack of memory. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The first one is Srngaram Rasa, in the starting of the epic poetry; it is about an entry of the Dushyant who is very handsome as the God of love Kamadev.

Sringara, love in its many aspects is a perennial theme of lyrical poetry. Every drama is incomplete without its natural surroundings.