Experiment: MELDE’S EXPERIMENT. Object: To determine frequency of A.C. mains using Sonometer. Apparatus: • A sonometer with a steel. Theory Let the alternating current have frequency v so that the frequency of All precautions of sonometer experiment should be observed. EXPERIMENT. AIM. To determine the frequency of alternating current using a sonometer and an electromagnet. APPARATUS AND MATERIAL REQUIRED.

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To make the inside air in communication with external air. A current having magnitude changing between maximum and zero and same direction, is called unidirectional current. The sonometer wire is connected to the secondary of the step down transformer. The vibrations sonomfter called resonant vibrations.

Materials required:

So a force will act on the conductor in a direction perpendicular to both the field and the direction of current. When the vibrating tuning fork is placed on it, it is set into forced vibrations.

When the frequency of A. The frequency with which the body vibrate is, called its natural frequency. A magnet magnetised by electric current, is called an sonomdter.

Steady current is the experimenf whose magnitude and direction does not change with time. When a current carrying wire is placed in magnetic field then magnetic force act on the wire which tends to move it in a direction which is perpendicular to current and field. Change the position of bridge B using the slider. C sonometer is an apparatus by which the transverse vibrations of strings can be studied. Then the resonance takes place and the wire vibrates with maximum amplitude.

The natural frequency of oscillation for a stretched wire of length L and mass m and tension T is. This is called the resonating length l.

Nodes are the points of zero amplitude and antinodes are points of maximum amplitude. It is that value of steady current which, when passed through a given resistor for certain time time of one complete cycleshall produce the same quantity of heat as the given alternating current shall produce when passed through same resistor for same time.


For a string of a given material and length experimenh under a constant tension, the frequency is inversely proportional to its diameter. The bridges are placed on either side of the experimenr at equal distance from the magnet and are close to each other.

In very high frequency A. What are forced vibrations? Simulator Procedure as performed through the Online Labs Select the sknometer from the drop down list.

To Find the Frequency of the AC Mains With a Sonometer – Learn CBSE

Theory Let the alternating current have frequency v so that the frequency of magnetisation of the electromagnet V E becomes 2v. RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions.

Let a loaded stretched xeperiment iron wire have resonant length l 1 for the main frequency. It is found that in an alternating current, the sonkmeter of the moving electrons is to drift towards the surface of the conductor while moving along its axis.

What is the natural frequency of sonometer wire? Let a tuning fork of frequency V T have resonant length l 2. Aim To find the frequency of sonometeg A. Give expression for r. Derivation of the equation: How does the wire begin to vibrate in this case? When the rate of movement due to the current matches the fundamental frequency of the wire, resonance occurs causing noticeable vibration.

Define wavelength for a stationary wave. Unit of frequency of A. The length of the wire between the two bridges is adjusted till the wire vibrates with maximum amplitude.

To Find the Frequency of the AC Mains With a Sonometer

The horse shoe magnet is mounted at the middle of sonometer bed so as to produce a magnetic field perpendicular to the wire. What are natural vibrations? A horse shoe magnet is placed at the middle of the sonometer wire so that the magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the sonometer wire in a horizontal plane. When the vibrating tuning fork is kept on the board of the sonometer, the forced vibrations of the board communicate energy to the string which in turn is set into forced vibrations.


At this stage, the length of the wire segment is called the resonating length and it increases with increase in the mass of the suspended weights. Percentage Error Same as in Experiment Retrieved 31 Decemberfrom amrita.

It is in the form of a hollow wooden rectangular box. The step down transformer reduces this voltage to 6 volts.

To determine the frequency of a string first take a copper string and connect it to an A. The current is A. When a body is vibrating with frequency of driving force, other than its natural frequency then it has forced vibrations. What is skin effect?

Select the weight of the slotted weights using the slider. The person touching the line is repelled. A timing fork is metallic bar bent into U-shape and having a heavy steps attached to the middle of the bent portion. By knowing the linear density, m, of av wire, the frequency of A.

AC Sonometer (Theory) : Class 12 : Physics : Amrita Online Lab

This tendency increases with the frequency of A. What do you mean by A. It is because the electromagnet is magnetised twice during one cycle of alternating current.