Mohan Publications All Books In Internet Archive: @ mohanpublications Mohan Publications Book List: . Acharya hrudayam has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. This book contains the simple Tamil commentary written by Prapanna Vidwan othama Naidu for. Acharya Hrudayam – Moolam and Vyakhyanam Book in Tamil published by PBA Swami

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No wonder it is called Samsara Sagaram. This does not mean Srirangam is the place where people wash clothes. He who gives birth to hrufayam divine swaroopa gnana to the soul is even greater than a mother who gives birth to the body.

The Archa is like the river, the backwater, the lake etc; which stayed back after the floods ,the rains etc.

The responsiblity of carrying the kitten lies entirely with the cat and the kitten does nothing but surrenders to whatever the cat does.

Adithya Uthamaraj marked it as to-read Jun 14, Hence realising Seshatva is very important. Hrudwyam the authenticity of both Vedas is unquestionable. I am your relative.

Similarly the Lord guides the soul to a state where it resembles the Lord in many respects as “Paramam Samyam Upaithi” by the knowledge that the soul is the eternal sevant of the Lord. The Sama Veda is musical and so is the Saandokya.

They hrudajam various births as per their Karma and cleanse themselves of various sins. Hence all such factors like Varna are usless to one who wants to realise Seshatva.


However it is worth remembering that varna and ashrama are properties of the destructible body and not of the immortal soul. Acharya hrudayam by B.

He is our destination and He is also our way. Krishna was born on the banks of Yamuna which contained terrible people like Kamsa on one side and mere cattle-grazers on the other side who belong to “Arivondrumillada Aaykulathu” Thiruppavai The wasp larva is converted into a complete wasp by the adult wasp which helps it build pupa ; feeds it when required and nurtures it until it attains a form similar to its own.

The Thiruvoymozhi is “Adiyaarkku inbamari” Thiruvoy. They are a disgrace to the divine Vedas if they misinterpret the sacred texts.

They do not suffer from weaknesses like changes, etc; The Vedas should be read and heard sincerely.

Acharya hrudayam by othama Naidu

Adisesha wants the Lord to lie comfortably on Him. Similarly Aazhwar is likened to a sun who dispelled the darkness named ignorance of the Jeevatmas. Here Dravida Veda was used acharyx explain the Sanskrit Veda. Thus we draw to the conclusion that both forms of the Vedas are Anaadhi and that in some cases the Sanskrit Veda was preached in Tamizh while in others the Dravida Veda was taught in the Sanskrit language.

The Vedas are composed of various branches or “shakas”and occur in various forms. Ramanujan Srinivasan is currently reading it Dec 19, It attains clarity at SriRangam where it deposits everything before entering and reveals its base.


Regarding the Thiruvoymozhi as a Tamizh poem is also a terrible crime. On the other hand a pot made of metal say gold can be easily handed.

Acharya hrudayam

The rishis speak of various karmas as the means to salvation. Vibhava is like the flood.

The six Prabhandas of Thirumangai Aazhwar are equivalent to the six Vedangas and the prabhandas of the eight other Aazhwars are equivalent to the eight upangas. Lord Krishna was born in the clan of cattle-men.


So say the Vedas themselves. It must be noted that the Jain and Budda religions too have Sanskrit literature that run antagonistic to scriptures. Quite analogous to that Aazhwar brought out the souls out of the deluge of swaroopa due to Samsara. Similarly SriRangam is also gifted with Bhagavad Ramanujacharya who makes the confusion in the Vedas to disappear and delivers their clear meaning. It is impossible to master the Vedas. The Thiruvoymozhi is about this Archa moorthy and hence is our only refuge for understanding the scriptures.

Acharya Hrudayam

Sage Veda Vyasa was born in place where there is the stench of fish. Lack of Knowledge about God 2. They are the ultimate refuge.