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ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology Reported by ACI Committee Hamid Farzam Chairman Glen Bollin Bernard J. Erlin Fred. Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by R ICRI and ACI member, he serves on several committees including. , Construction American Concrete Institute Committee , “ACI R, Cement and.

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Blaine fineness—the fineness of powdered materials such as cement and pozzolans, expressed as surface area per unit mass usually in square meters per kilogram, determined by the Blaine apparatus. Hoyer effect—in pretensioned, prestressed concrete, frictional forces that result from the tendency of the tendons to regain the diameter which they had before they were stressed.

See also finish, exposed-aggregate. See also tension, diagonal. See also concrete, boron-loaded.

See also belite, celite, and felite. E early ages of concrete —the period following the time of final setting during which properties are changing rapidly and heat evolution is important; for concrete made with Type I cement stored moist at 73 F 23 Cit is the first 72 h. See also creep; and creep, drying. See also joint, contraction and joint, expansion. I ignition loss—see loss on ignition preferred term.


See also mixing time. See also jointer [concrete]. See also deformation, inelastic.

See also surface, specific. D-line cracks—see D-cracks preferred term. See creep; and creep, basic.

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Fe2O3 C4AF occurring in portland and calcium-aluminate cement; now used to refer to a series of solid solutions between 2CaO? The invaluable contributions of the past chairmen of CommitteeB. L-column—the portion of a precast concrete frame comprising the. See also admixture, water-reducing. See also concrete, rubble. See also gel, cement.

Committee has tried to produce a glossary that will be useful, comprehensive, and up-to-date.

R Cement and Concrete Terminology

See also coupler, end-bearing sleeve, mechanical connection. All rights reserved including rights of reproduction and use in any form or by any means, including the making of copies by any photo process, or by electronic or mechanical device, printed, written, or oral, or recording for sound or visual reproduction or for acj in any knowledge or retrieval system or device, unless permission in writing is obtained from the copyright proprietors.


See also qci filler or sealant, joint. See also crusher, primary. See also coupling sleeve, end-bearing sleeve, mechanical connection. See also concrete, zero-slump and concrete, negative-slump. See also dropchute and tremie. Each definition shall be stated in one sentence; 2. See also bat; bolster, slab; chair. See also cement paste, neat. See also abrasion damage and cavitation damage. See also hod and mortar board.

See also concrete, lightweight and concrete, low-density. See also aggregate, heavyweight and aggregate, lightweight.

Atterberg test—see test, Atterberg. See also afi, diamond.

ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology 水泥和混凝土术语_百度文库

See also beam, spandrel; girder; girt; joist; ledger; purlin; and stringer. See also air entraining and air, entrained. See also akermanite; melilite; merwinite. See also expansion; shrinkage; swelling; volume change; and volume change, autogenous. See also specific gravity, 1116r.