Abridged ACRA Scale of Learning Strategies for University Students. – – Electronic Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje [ACRA. Learning Strategy. Pereira S, Ramirez J. Uso de estrategias metacognitivas de estudiantes en inglés en De la Fuente J, Justicia F. Escala de estrategias de aprendizaje ACRA. Evaluación de estrategias de aprendizaje mediante la escala ACRA abreviada para estudiantes universitarios. Palabras clave: Estrategias de.

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In order to explore our results obtained by both procedures, and to analyze whether the dimensions of PEI are related to the LS scales used by the students, we carried out a series of hierarchical regression analyses. Self and Identity, 13 1 No keywords specified fix it. We began with two matrices of data, one of which contained the information about LS Cognitive and control learning strategies, Learning Support strategies, and Studying habits for all participants.

Taller 2: Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje (ACRAS) by Kathy iiiii on Prezi

The most apparent results obtained with both statistical methods are concordant; however, CNCA represents an alternative aprenrizaje to hierarchical multiple regression, and presents results graphically in the form of an ordering diagram that is easy to interpret. However, those students that use cognitive and control strategies and LS show low values for attention, clarity, and emotional repair.

In the case of female participants, we can observe that clarity is not well-represented ce to the short longitude of the vector. History of Western Philosophy.


Emotional stress in medical students from avra National Autonomous University of Mexico. Finally, we should note that all the measurements are based on self-reports, which implies the possibility of social desirability bias. It was possible to name them as: Further, in our study, the sample only consists of Spanish students. Nevertheless, sometimes problems with data can generate confusion in the interpretation of analyses.

This instrument was designed to assess how people reflect upon their moods and provides an indicator of the levels of perceived EI. Many of the competences included in the studied subjects refer to aspects related to the emotional and social development of the students. Motivating students to learn 3rd ed. Rehearsal strategies involve active repetition, both in speech and in writing, of what has been learning. Manage to complete a task even when it is difficult or tedious.


This study found that the final 35 items of the EEA-U, when grouped in three factors, reveal a certain congruence of the scale with the theoretical constructs that it purports to measure. Please review our privacy policy. There is a large body of evidence pointing to the important role of LS in predicting academic achievement in college e.

Psychometric Studies of the Learning Strategies Scale for University Students

Of the total participants, After the final acceptance of the article, the authors may send, within a period of one month, a version of the article in a different language from the initial one; in Dd, Basque, or other language, if it has initially been submitted in English. Effects on psychological well-being in college students. Intrinsic Motivation, Self-Explanations, and Transfer.

Primarily, this version of the scale was used in the study of Santos et al. Emotional intelligence profiles and learning strategies in secondary school students. It includes 44 items with a Likert scale with four possible answers.

Motivation and learning strategies for college success: To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior.

Of the original 49 items, nine did not achieve the minimum factor loading recommended in the literature Kline, It is recommended, however, that future studies be directed toward overcoming the limitations of the present study. Identify how much or how little you are learning.

The dimensions of the LS were analyzed separately, adjusting a model for each of them. Motivational and self-regulated learning components of classroom academic performance. Avenida Bertrand Russell, We propose the following hypotheses: For the dimension of LS, study habits and emotional attention were not significant. This analysis has the advantage of working in terms of inertia absorption, which is not affected by the sample size and, when one or more variables are conditioning the etrategias of another, it shows the asymmetrical esstrategias of the information.


Accordingly, this article aims to both describe the steps of constructing the Learning Strategies Scale of Santos and Boruchovitchand present the results of recent psychometric studies obtained estrategisa this instrument.

The angle that the respective items form between them, which evaluate different aspects of the PEI, allows us to estimate the degree of co-variation between the different aspects. Search the dictionary for the meanings of unfamiliar words.

It was applied in a sample of 1, university students. In our current work, we present an alternative statistical procedure to the traditional techniques such as regression analysis.

Since then, scientific evidence has shown how EI is linked to different positive indicators of the human being in general and in higher education in particular Salovey and Mayer, ; Mayer and Salovey,; Parker et al. The present study had three main objectives: Despite these limitations, this study has shown a relationship between PEI and LS, whilst also distinguishing between the impact of each dimension of the PEI attention, clarity, and emotional regulation on each type of LS cognitive and learning control, support, and studying habitsand showing that there are gender differences in these relationships.

The results are presented with an ordering diagram where the LS are represented by dots and the dimensions of the PEI are represented by vectors. Memory, 17 4 ,