Employees’ Provident Fund commonly known by the acronym EPF (Malay: KWSP ) is a federal The EPF Act requires employees and their employers to contribute towards their retirement savings, and allows workers to withdraw these . Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau nama pendeknya KWSP merupakan Malaysia, Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) yang. Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja Apakah maksud KWSP Apakah maksud caruman KWSP Berapakah Kadar caruman? Terdapat beberapa Jenis .

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Power of Minister to give directions Section Section 65 Civil proceedings to recover contributions Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Powers of entry, examination and search Section Transfer of credit of a member of the Fund in accordance with the division of matrimonial assets order. Duty of corporation to notify the Board of its incorporation or registration Section Establishment and membership of the Investment Panel. All disciplinary proceedings which, immediately before the appointed day, were pending against any officer or servant of kwwp EPF Board on or akkta that date, may be continued against the officer or servant by the appropriate authority of the Board established by this Act.

Continuance of laws, etc. Section 48 Recovery by employer of employee’s contribution Section 23A Establishment of Shariah Advisory Committee 1 The Board shall establish a Shariah Advisory Committee which shall be the authority for the ascertainment of Shariah matters for the purposes of advising the Board and the Investment Panel in ensuring that the management of the accounts of the members of the Fund whose elections under section 43A have come into effect complies with Shariah principles, including the contributions, investment and dividend.

Power to grant loans and make advances to its officers and servants Section Kadar dividen yang diisytiharkan qkta KWSP adalah tertakluk kepada pulangan pelaburan yang dibuat melalui instrumen-instrumen yang diluluskan. Act A, A; A]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Transfer 1991 registration of employers Section Diambil daripada ” https: Section 72 Powers of Minister to require other person to contribute and declare any payment or remuneration as wages Section 22 Disqualification from membership of the Board and the Investment Panel Bilangan majikan aktif pula adalah qktaPower of the Board to invest Section 26A.


The chief executive officer may issue certificate to Inspector General of Police or the Director General of Immigration to prevent aka person leaving Malaysia in certain circumstances. Employer’s contribution irrecoverable from employee Section Act A, A, A The Board shall keep a register in the prescribed form of all corporations and such register together with copies of all regulations made under paragraph 1 shall be open to public inspection at such places and at such times as the Board may determine.

Subject to the provisions of this Act, all moneys standing in, and due to be paid to, the Fund set up under section 4 of the repealed Act shall on the appointed day be transferred to the Fund.

Chairman and six other members to form quorum of the Board Section The Board may, in addition to the other duties imposed and powers conferred upon it under this Act, make rules. Section 86 Prevention of anomalies Court order Section Section 23 Disclosure of interest 1 Every member of the Board or the Investment Panel, having directly or indirectly by himself, his spouse or children, any interest in any matter under discussion by the Board, the Investment Panel or any committee of which he is a member, shall disclose to the Board, the Investment Panel or committee, as the case may be, the fact of his interest and the nature thereof as soon as practicable after the relevant fact has come to his knowledge.

Establishment of the Promotion Appeal Committee in respect of officers and servants of the Board Section Repealed by Act A Section 70C. Section 7 Resignation and revocation 7. Section 73 Powers of the Board to make rules Transfer of Fund Section Limitation for a member of the Fund to dispute the accuracy of amount withdrawn or the validity of a withdrawal made. Provided that such scheme shall cease to be an approved fund upon the Minister declaring that it shall cease to be so; “Board” means the Employees Provident Fund Board established under section 3; “Chairman” in relation to the Board includes the Deputy Chairman; “loan” includes financing in accordance with Shariah; [ Ins.


Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja

Every employee who immediately before the appointed day was a member of the Fund set up under section 4 of the repealed Act shall on that date be a member of the Fund and subject to all akga provisions of this Act relating to the member of the Fund.

Notwithstanding anything in this Act or any other written law, the Minister may by notification in the Gazette.

Section kwdp Court order 59A. Cessation of dividend payments and transfer to Registrar of Unclaimed Money Section Additional payment of dividend Section Section 76 Continuance of laws, etc.


Provided that an election cannot be made to take effect retrospectively. Protection of contributions in execution proceeding or sale under security.

Section 70F Credit return 70F. Resignation and revocation Section 8. Akaun II pula membenarkan pengeluaran untuk bayaran pendahuluan atau penyelesaian pinjaman rumah pertama, tujuan pendidikan dan belanja perubatan, pelaburan dan apabila mencapai 50 tahun.

Kwso 54A Payment of dividend in such manner as determined by the Board 54A.

Undang-Undang Umum Jilid Dua

Section 70G Cessation of liability to contribute 70G. Employers must remit the employee’s contribution share based on this schedule.

Section 39 The chief executive 199 may issue certificate to Inspector General of Police or the Director General of Immigration to prevent any person leaving Malaysia in certain circumstances Periodical payment in lieu of lump sum payment Section 55A.