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Products repaired under this policy will carry a ninety 90 day warranty on material and labor.

The AMX Software is licensed, not sold. Table of Contents Configuring Communication It also comes with a pre-installed Transmit IR over 20 feet 6. The connector for the Table Charging Station please refer to the Table Charging Station section on page 9 is located on the bottom of the device. Introduction The light at the center of the navigation wheel brightens and dims based on its source of power.

It lights at full intensity when attached to a mmvp source, such as the Table Charging Station see the Table Charging Station section on page 9 or the Wall Charging Station see the Wall Charging Station section on am 11but lights at only half intensity when running on its internal battery. The MVPi comes with a unique touchscreen stylus that slides into a storage groove on the right side of the device when not in use.

Replacement styluses may be ordered in a 3-pack FGxx from www. Kick Stand Since the MVPi device is designed to be a unit used away from its charging station, it has an extendable “kickstand” Connect the terminal end of the PS3.

Charging station rear support FIG. This SP engineering drawing is available online at www. This may be done by entering an appropriate password please refer to the Password Settings Page section on page 90 for more informationor by pressing the Security Release button on the front of the device in emergencies.

A ten-second lag betwen the touch panel being placed in the Wall Charging Station and thesecurity feature enabling a,x the user to remove the touch panel if it is accidentally put into the device. To release the touch panel from the Wall Charging Station: Other than wall installation tools, the only tool required for this smx is a 1 Phillips screwdriver. To assist nvp wiring, and to avoid mechanical stresses on the wire and the mechanism of the Wall-Mounted Charging Station, the top right knockout is preferred for use.

Run the power cable through the knockout into the box. Pull out about six inches Insert each wire into the appropriate opening on the connector. Turn the screws clockwise to secure the wires in the connector. Do not over-torque the screws; doing so can bend the seating pins and damage the connector.

After fully seating the screws, wipe down the area around the screw holes with the alcohol prep pad from the Installation Kit.

  BS EN ISO 17672 PDF

Depending upon the ability to wire it to a power source, Wall-Mounted Charging Stations may be installed on vertical or horizontal surfaces composed of such materials as wood, brick, and glass. Before commencing, verify you are using the latest NetLinx Master and Modero panel-specific firmware.

The device can transmit IR over 20 feet 6. IR receivers and transmitters on G4 panels share the device address number of the panel. Use the options in the Setup pages to access panel information and make various configuration changes. Accessing the Setup and Protected Setup Pages 1. At any time, press down and hold the center button of the navigation wheel for seconds.

This opens a release notice to release the button immediately to open the Setup page FIG. The Wireless Access Point communication parameters must match those of the pre-installed wireless CF card inside the device. The WAP communication parameters must match those of the pre-installed wireless interface card installed within the panel.

This page only configures the card to communicate to a target WAP: Once the Site Survey button is pressed, the device displays the Site Survey page, which contains the following categories: Select a desired Access Point by touching the corresponding row. The up arrow and down arrow will be grayed out if ten or fewer access points are detected.

This section configures both the communication and security parameters from the internal wireless card to the WAP. The procedures outlined within the following sections for an If this field is left blank, the unit will attempt to connect to the first available WAP. Press the Site Survey button at the bottom of the page. The same case must be maintained when entering this information. ABC is not the same as Abc. The alpha-numeric string is AMX by default, but can later be changed to any character entry.

After pressing Done, the on-screen Current Key field displays a long string of characters, separated by colons, which represents the encryption key equivalent to the word AMXPanel.

Verify that the fields within the IP Settings section have been properly configured.

Reboot AMX i WiFi Touch Screen | CANTARA — Audio/Video, Cinema and Control Systems

Refer to Step 1: Press the Back button to navigate to the Protected Setup page and press the on-screen Reboot button to save any changes and restart the panel. To establish a Master connection: From 52000i Protected Setup page, select System Settings.

Turn on the MVPi and wait for the device to finish booting up.

Insert the other end into the appropriate USB port on the computer containing 2500i files to be downloaded. In the next box FIG. Select Search for the best driver in these locations Select Include this location in the search Click on Browse Select the folder that contains the ‘linux.

5.2″ Modero Viewpoint Touch Panels

This opens a akx listing the currently active network connections. Right click and select Properties. In the new window: Select Use the following IP Address. Under Subnet mask, set the suitable subnet mask. Click on OK’ 6. When using Wireless Ethernet, press the listed Mode to toggle through the available connection modes: This setting requires setting the System Number. By selecting URL, the System Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly from the communicating target Master, virtual or not.


From the Web Name keyboard, enter a unique alpha-numeric string to identify this panel. Click on the G4 panel name link associated with the target panel.

A secondary web browser window appears on the screen FIG.

Click Yes from the Security Alert popup window to agree to the installation of the G4 WebControl application on your computer. Click OK to send the password to the panel and begin the session. A confirmation message appears stating “Please wait, Initial screen loading. To access the Setup pages, press the center button of the navigation wheel and hold for 3 to 5 seconds FIG.

Setup Pages Setup Page Cont. Inactivity Page Flip Timeout: Displays whether the panel is has external communication, as well 55200i the encryption status of the Master, the connection akx Ethernet or USBand to which System the panel is connected.

To access these pages: Panel Information Page Back: Audio Settings Page Back: Saves all changes and returns to the previous page. Audio Settings Page Cont. Analog Line In Level: Audio Output Audio Output: Setup Pages Battery Settings Page The options on the Battery Settings page allow setting of power warning preferences and battery status information, and adjustment of the display times for battery warnings FIG.

The Protected Setup page is accessed through the Setup page please refer to the Setup Pages section on page To access the Protected Setup pages: This option invokes a Confirmation dialog, prompting you to confirm your selection before removing the panel pages. System Settings Page Elements Back: Type Saves all changes and returns to the previous page. System Setting Page Elements Cont. Choose a Master Connection Mode section on page 35 for more detailed information on using the System Settings page.

Wireless Settings Page Back Refer mvvp the Appendix B: Wireless Technology section on page for further information. This Key generator is unique to Modero panels and does not generate the same keys as non-AMX wireless devices. For example, a Current Key string generated anywhere else will not match those created on Modero panels.

Refer to the Configuring Wireless Network Access section on page 25 for details on these security options. Refer to the Using the Site Survey tool section on page 27 for more information on using this tool.

EAP requires the use of an This works in tandem with the Password string which is similar to the password entered to gain access to am secured workstation.