KnowledgeSTUDIO provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle. Angoss Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the KnowledgeSTUDIO is a data mining and predictive analytics suite for the model development and deployment cycle. Its features include data. Angoss provides data mining software and services designed to aid in business decision-making. The company’s applicatins are used to track and manage data .

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These treatments can be activities such as varying credit limits, collections strategy options e. The system of claim 16 wherein the one or more of the segments, calculated values, and responses are included in a document provided by the data mining system. Click for automatic bibliography generation. The first step allows a user to select a strategy tree. Alternate uses or applications for the invention include the following: Consider the following exemplary URLs.

Strategy trees for data mining – ANGOSS SOFTWARE CORPORATION

Ideally, this would mean removing splits that referenced the changed variable and leaving the tree intact. Some of the tree calculationsmay not make sense to compare in which case they can be removed or modified. If the user responds positively, the same modifications are made to the child datasets.

This ignores the dynamic and complex task of acting on the model results in a specific business context to achieve optimal profitability. The strategy tree module also includes a strategy tree viewer and editor function e. If a node is assigned to more than one treatment it appears in each treatment block i. A user can select which columns to display with the Options command The variable list decision table specification defaults to a last set of variables specified thus allowing the same decision table to be easily repeated.


New Window; Arrange All; and, Split. With respect to expression migration, the following describes how calculated columns flow to partitions dxta models and ultimately end up available for scoring, in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. Data is examined and calculated columns are created for additional data elements. These example cases show how the strategy dtaa module provides a credit organization with defined segments, utilizing user-friendly treesand determines various performance metrics and strategies for subsets of the target market.

Waybackmachine screenshot for www.

And, the method may further include accessing information required for determining the segments, calculated values, and responses using one or more of a customer attribute included in the request and a function of the customer attribute. The method may further include deploying the strategy by providing one or more of the segments, calculated values, and responses to a client eata coupled to the data mining system over a network in response to a request from the client system.

The data mining system displays the dataset object. Nodes with large differences can be interpreted in different ways. If the value is greater than the maximum or less than the minimum, a new row with a weight of 0 will be created.


This calculations dialog box illustrates the various node calculations e. Emerging Trends and New Opportunities. Once the wizard is complete, the abgoss are written. By default, strategy trees are displayed in horizontal mode e. The most dominate treatment is selected. An edit button for an external connection field is clicked to select a connection document that will be used to access the source data.


The strategy tree minijg also includes a calculated fields in decision trees function. With a continuous dependent variable the middle of the bar is the average e. Fourth, the node report shows all of the node data from both learn, verification, or comparison.

The very first split can segment the population. Treatment The treatment as entered when assigning treatments. Fata first example relates to a marketing campaign.

The system of claim 16 wherein the GUI includes a respective editor for defining each of the conditional, calculation, and treatment expressions and a code generation function to generate the respective first computer code, second computer code and third computer code. Dynamic standardization for scoring linear regressions in decision trees.

The purpose of creating the segments and each KPI is to then apply treatments or actions to undertake for each segment. Mkning and Software Technology This invention relates to the field of data mining, daha more specifically, to data mining using strategy trees. The system of claim 28 wherein the document further includes one or more of the conditional expression, the calculation expression, and the treatment expression.