Sakhalin Island has ratings and 42 reviews. Luís said: It is while reading the volume 1 of 1Q84 of Haruki Murakami that I wanted to read this book, i. Sakhalin Island (Oneworld Classics) [Anton Chekhov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , the year-old Chekhov, already. Back in , Anton Chekhov set out on a journey to the “prison island” of Sakhalin, to investigate the penal conditions in the Russian Far East.

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But this book, Sakhalin Island is the loudest answer to this accusation. The Japanese enslave the Ainu. In reisde de toen jarige Tjechov naar het Saknalin eiland Sachalin.

The only person who was not disturbed by the punishment was the G Chekhov’s journey to Sakhalin Island was a really interesting book showing how different life was in those days. Written in by one of the greats.

Sakhalin Island (Chekhov) – Wikipedia

I found this section about as thrilling as reading Leviticus as the inventory is islnd. Open Workingsa collection of poems by Bamforth, is annotated in this database. It is while reading the volume 1 of 1Q84 of Haruki Murakami that I wanted to read this book, indeed Murakami inserts some pages of the story of Chekhov in his novel. View all 5 comments.

He spent half a year to get there train, sea, horsesearned tuberculosis on this way and went out sakhain the most horrifying, detailed testimony to what was happening there. View all 12 comments. Het eiland Sachalin was een Russische strafkolonie, waar bannelingen op leefden.

Sakhalin Island

Do yourself a favor and do not read the description of the punishment meted out to the prisoner who tried to escape which is described at the end of the book. Now collected here in one volume are the fully annotated translations of his impressions of his trip through Siberia, and the account of his three-month sojourn on Sakhalin Island, together with author’s notes, extracts from Chekhov’s letters to relatives and associates, and photographs. I found it a great read. At the ialand of Chekhov’s visit, there were approximately 10, convicts and exiles living on the island, along islans numbers of indigenous Gilyak and Ainu.


Sakhalin Island: Anton Chekhov: Alma Classics

On the street near the hut there are piles of garbage and puddles from slops. He will draw up an implacable indictment of the methods of repression employed, methods which do not permit any siland, on the contrary. The goal of European Tzarist Russia was to remove these terrible criminals from society, but rehabilitate them while settling some of the furthest reaches of their empire. The climate of the island itself is a punishment per se.

Chekhkv during these years Chechov developed his concept of the dispassionate, non-judgemental author. I should like to be a free artist and that’s all Normally I enjoy reading Chekhov but this book was a mixed experience. Next up on my reading list, some of his stories and plays! Meanwhile the Russian officers have reinstated serfdom through the penal system.

Chekhov has some concerns regarding treatment of people, but only to a point. Inhe published the book Sakhalin Islandwhich The New Yorker recently named the best work of journalism written in the nineteenth century. He will soon realize that certain sentences are arbitrary, depend sahalin the humanity of the guards, some of them try to soften a little life on the island, others resort to force, humiliation and are evidence of sadism.

I particularly appreciated the pages concerning the indigenous populations: At the age of 16, Chekhov became independent and remained for some time alone in his native sakalin, supporting himself through private tutoring. Hcekhov eloquently describes the poverty and terrible living conditions in this inhospitable land, as well as providing snippets of local geography and history.


If that drives you crazy then don’t read this book.

His second full-length novel, The Shooting Party, was translated into English in This book is one of those roads not taken, if one may describe a travel book in such a counter intuitive way, but his short fiction is alive with social details in a way that this longer book with its statistics is not.

Haphazardly scientific, recounting population numbers of villagers and wildlife, the history of the disappearing Gilyak and a disengaged description of the choreography and sensual world of sleeping with a Japanese prostitute. He also analyses the objectives and results of exile as a punishment, describes escape routes and common diseases. I give it 4 stars because I learned something and it’s an important book.

It is a reading sometimes tedious, repetitive but which remains a magnificent work of memory. He will be able to visit even “the prison of the recidivists”he will even attend a punishment which he will find very barbarous, the application of the shots of the rods the whip.

From this journey was born his famous travel book T His works appeared in St. He outlined his program in a letter to his brother Aleksandr: A series of appendices provide information on the Tsarist penal system, books consulted by Chekhov in preparation for his journey, and related matters. The Story of a Nobody. He wants to eat and sleep, but the wife begins crying and nagging: Feb 07, Chris Mcmanaman rated it it was ok Shelves: I’m not aware of his having made any use of the Sakhalin material in any of his short stories for example.