HTFS User Provides an overview of the HTFS family of products. ACOL Reference ACOL Getting Started User instructions for. Aspen Hetran®, Aspen HPI Library, Aspen HTFS Research Network™, . Although AspenTech has tested the software and reviewed the documentation, the. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. This documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential.

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Single or multipass exchangers up to 5 passes with either co- or counter-current flow. Rear head – U-tube and channel. Design is an integrated graphical process aimed at establishing the overall size and configuration of process air-cooled heat exchangers.

For other baffle types details of heat transfer and pressure drop correlations must be supplied. Single-phase heating or cooling; boiling or condensing on the process side.

The number on a green key is different from its lock A utility Echoid When you call, please have the same information available.

Exchangers can be modelled with up to 15 process streams in co- or counter-current flow and any complexity of exchanger inlet and outlet geometry. Cylindrical fireboxes containing vertical hairpin tubes or a refractory backed helical aepen.

Multiple exchangers in parallel. Gas or oil fired burners.

HTFS V User Guide | Mahek Chhatrapati –

License upgrades will be sent either on floppy disk, or by emailing you the appropriate license files. Condensing zone – baffles are considered to be full circle, such that the predominant flow direction is crossflow.

You will then be asked for a directory for your HTFS programs. You cannot have two copies of the same version of a program installed.

It is recommended that before starting the installation procedure all other applications are closed. If you do not have a dongle in your machine, do not reboot immediately. Budget costing package – customise to your own labour and materials costs. This will take you through some key features of standard examples provided with the installation. Technical Summary Extensive help and firebox and tube bank diagrams to aid input.


High-fin Tubes – Integral; G; L; extruded; bi-metallic; shoulder grooved. HTFS is committed to providing easy-to-use products that unlock the full potential of heat transfer specialist, process engineer in design or operational environments.

Specify f and j factors for enhanced tubeside or shellside surfaces. Boiler feedwater heaters PIPE: Up to 4 different types in each bundle. Vibration analysis; flow stability checks for thermosyphons. Thermosyphon reboiler calculations can be performed for either internal or external types. The diameter factor to size a pipeline for a given pressure drop and mass flowrate. You do not need a dongle in the machine to install a program.

The program relates the inlet pressure, outlet pressure and flowrate in a pipeline. The final stage of the installation is the registration of components.

It should be a computer that is always switched on and thus continuously available to network users. You may also need to do this if you want your license conditions updated. Graphical input to customise Tube Layout.

The quality of HTFS is recognised by leading companies worldwide who rely on the methods developed and supported by a unique team of heat transfer experts. Tube-side Enhancements – Specified on a pass basis; twisted tapes; enhancement factors; j and f input.

Steam and water properties are calculated internally. Counter-current or split flow desuperheating section.

Aspen HTFS V7_0-User Guide

Plain or low fin tubes, longitudinally finned tubes. In heat exchanger thermal design, this means HTFS, an unparalleled suite of research-validated software. License files when manually stored in other locations need to be removed, see the HTFS Installation Guide for more detail.

Extensive pressure drop calculations are available for common layouts of inlet and outlet distributors and checks are made for possible flow distribution problems. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. If you have a previous version of an HTFS program on your computer, it will not be overwritten when you install a new version, and you will be able to continue to run the earlier version, provided you have a valid license.


Allowance is made for bends, fittings and changes of section, single or two-phase flow, and single or multiple chokes. HTFS software comes complete with extensive screen based help, on-line program manuals and global support, so you are assured of an immediate, trouble-free HTFS solution.

Plate geometry can be specified for other calculation types. These may be stand-alone licenses or a network license. Double pipe and multi-tube hairpin exchangers.


If you cannot find the answer to your question in the manuals, we encourage you to visit our Website at www. Output Calculation Report – Including front and index sheet. Forced draught; induced draught; no fans. Extensive pressure drop calculations are available for aspej layouts of inlet and outlet distributors and checks are made for possible flow distribution problems.

This document is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. You will next be asked to identify a folder for shortcuts to your program. Fin performance correlations included. Shell and tube heat exchangers Air coolers and other crossflow exchangers Furnaces and fired heaters Plate-fin heat exchangers Plate heat exchangers Boiler huide heaters Unbranched pipework 1.