Bahra Cables Company was established in to serve Saudi & GCC Markets. . This Catalogue is intended for Medium Voltage Power Cables, Aluminum. MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CABLES CONTENTS GENERAL 1 INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL 4 INFORMATION Single Core XLPE Insulated. TECHNICAL INFORMATION COPPER CONDUCTOR | STEEL TAPE ARMOURED | /15 ()kV Size mm2 25 35 50 70 95

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The factory extension under construction is more than 8,sqm. Secure drums adequately before transportation.

Read the Text Version. A non-hygroscopic barha filler is applied between laid up cores to providea circular shape to the cable. View in Fullscreen Report.

Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue

This layer acts to smooth out any irregularities and thus reduces the probability of protrusions into the insulating layer. This period, according to IECshould not exceed 1 h. The built-up area, including offices and plant, of start up phase is more than 62,sqm.

Each core conductor is insulated by extruded cross-linked low density polyethylene GP 8 conforming to BS Lift drums on fork trucks correctly. Fire or excessive temperature at the cables location.

Manufacturing malfunction, which Bahra Cables Company guarantees its product againstany defect or wrong workmanship, meanwhile in case of damage due to this reason, the actionwill be taken as per the submitted warranty letter, and the company will apply the requiredcorrective and preventive actions. Where the cables are to be laid in any other environment, reference should be made to the cable Bahra Cables Company.

Single-core cables are suitable for d.

Roll in the direction shown by the arrow. Physical damage due to mishandling or misuse2.


Voltage between phase and earth VC: The armour provides mechanical protection against crushing forces. Cable special features required, e. Read the Text Version. If the cable is not suitable for wet applications and the underground water engrossed inside it,replacing the defected section from joint to joint is the recommend solution.

Voltage between phases conductors 2. Bahra Cables Factory occupies over ,square meters of prime manufacturing space together with associated design offices, laboratoriesand storage area. This layer, which has a very smooth surface, is a transition form the insulatingmaterial where the electric field exists to a conductive metallic screen, where the electricfield is zero, so it will reduce the stress enhancement at the insulation layer.

Cables to this category are complying with the requirements of BS System Short Circuit required.

By keeping such standard of installation and operation, Low Voltage cables can survive in service for a time of 25 years or more without failure. If the water came inside the cables to catalovue, for cables suitable for wet location, practically dry the defected portion before repair.

The future product scope will be extended to Extra High Voltage cables up to kv and conductor cross sections bigger than mm2. The test should be made between conductors and between eachconductor and armour. Voltage Drop per phase Minimum Bending radius mm The above values are based on the following conditions: This isimportant in wet or other aggressive environments.

When the screening bonded to earth it will also carry out theshort circuit fault current. Insulated conductor diameter mmd: From start up with wire drawing lines to extrusion lines, to assembly machines up to the laboratories and the final test fields, all technical equipment is provided with the highest European standards of electronic control equipment and measuring devices which insures that the requirements of different quality standards are met.

  ISO 28560 PDF

A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded 0. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Bahra Cables Company is committed to the production of the best product quality and service,utilizing cutting edge European Technology in its manufacturing.

Bahra Cables Medium Voltage Catalogue Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Flat Touching A Formation Approx. The basis of the standard conditions is the climate conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are: For the proper function, all master cataloguue materialproperties, dimensions, etc. The volume resistivity of thisexternal layer is limited to meter-ohms. Medium Voltage updated LowRes. A A 2- Laid in free air both end bonded Trefoil Formation Approx. A layer of graphite coated is applied upon customer request.

Axial spacing between cables Trefoil formation S: Short circuit for t second kAIsc 1: View in Fullscreen Report. To do so, Bahra Cables Company produces a versatile product range cover most of our customer needs: Insulation failure, the defected section is recommended to be replacedthe replacement should be from joint to joint. Lifting cable drums using crane. As Insulation treeing is uncommon problem for LV cables, the chance of electric break down is very minor.

The core technologies inproduction processes, material applications and logistic procedures were provided by Germanexperts with key functions being managed by German engineers.

A Flat Touching A Formation Approx. Load current A R: