Those of you who have read the Grow Fins booklet written by John will find the structure of this book familiar – verbatim interviews with Magic. This astonishing book is both a vigorous debunking of the Captain Beefheart myth – a myth sold by the old snake oil salesman himself and swallowed willingly . Buy Beefheart: Through The Eyes Of Magic by John Drumbo French (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Once you get past the first pages and he finds himse Who would’ve thought that the biggest rock biog ever unverified would be by John French aka Thorugh to Beefheart’s Magic Band?

A true Beefheart bible, with all kinds of inside stories. I transcribed them for the other members to play. I believe he was in Oregon when he recorded magci vocals for My Human Gets Me Blues and to compensate for being miles away from the studio he bellowed very loudly, as can be heard.

Jun 27, Aron Vallinder rated it did not like it. For that track I was tied to a wolverine for three days and three nights while Don whistled the tune and the guitar parts to Bill who translated them into Morse Code and relayed them to me.

John French may be beefueart first man to go to as a source, but the final product here is raw and undigestible.

With over readers beerheart our site each day, we listen to the voice of the masses and try and procure books in all genres to review. But what do I think of the book overall?

Jul 12, Kiof rated it it was amazing. It was no picnic, and John French is very keen to tell you how horrible being in the Magic Band was most of the time.


Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic

The process of recording some of the albums, in particular the legendary Trout Mask Replica, is compared to being part of a cult and French’s descriptions of the manipulations, mind-games and in-fighting that accompanied the Beefheart creative process is fascinating and disturbing in equal measure.

I did not realise until 37 years later that it was not normal.

Preview — Beefheart by John “Drumbo” French. Inevitably many of the old Beefheart myths are demolished but there are some revelations in here that will surprise beefhrart and make you wonder once again about the personality and strange powers of Don van Vliet.

Few names carry such formidable mystique and rabid cult status as Captain Beefheart, who led tjrough lineups of his Magic Band to make some of the most startling, ground-breaking albums of the last century. Aug 16, Caroline rated it it was amazing. In frightening, insidious, joyful events and conversations, through French growing older, not playing music, returning to the Captain, separation, re-connecting with his religion, fatherhood, purging the magic, and beyond.

In fact, I think eyees might even work if you dipped into the book at random points.

Review: Beefheart – Through the Eyes of Magic ~ The Fringe Magazine

View all 13 comments. John French is better qualified than anyone to Few names carry such formidable mystique and rabid cult status as Captain Beefheart, who led various lineups of his Magic Band to make some of the most startling, ground-breaking albums of the last century. It focuses heavily on the periods of his life when he was working with Beefheart, though, and tends to elide periods where he wasn’t; and there’s very little detail on Magjc career when French wasn’t with him.


I thought I would never listen to Trout Mask Replica ever again having read what the band throufh to go through to make it to coming back round to wanting to check out the few later albums I’m not familiar with yet. It has been quite some time since a book has captured my attention like this.

I know he asked others to help edit it too. A Touch of Dead: Jan 14, Googoogjoob rated it liked eues. Don was mad Don was a bully Don stole all throhgh ideas Don told us what to think There ya go.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t need to remind the reader every 20 pages or so, beefheary without him transcribing, the musically illerate Beefheart would never have got his ideas across in the way that was presented on his records. Anyways, the presentation is great, the facts are great, the analysis too; everything you could hope for and more I guess that’s where the density com A must for any person remotely obsessed with the Beef. Bearing in mind these circumstances, I believe this track still makes a very valid musical statement.

Having grown up there, I can almost hear the accent in my head when I read these pages. This is an incredibly comprehensive review of Though time s with the band and contains a lot of really interesting and revealing insight but it could really have done with a good editor as it’s a real slog to read.

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