Bernt Aadnoy has taught as a professor of petroleum engineering at the University of Stavanger in Norway since Before this, he served as the chief well. Bernt Aadnøy is Adjunct Professor at Department of Geoscience and Petroleum at NTNU and holds a position as Professor of Petroleum. Authors: Bernt Aadnoy Reza Looyeh. Paperback ISBN: Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing. Published Date: 1st April Page Count:

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Borehole Failure Related to Bedding Plane.

The importance of physicis in drill string modelling. Novel fracturing cells and mud cells were built to better understand the mechanisms that lead to circulation An Introduction to Well Integrity.

Design of well barriers to combat circulation losses. International Journal of Automation and Computing. Proceedings for Asia pacific Oil and Gas Conference.


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Bernt S. Aadnoy

Noen tanker omkring universitet og industri. Elliptical geometry model for sand production during depletion.

Society of Petroeleum Engineers; – A case study from southern Iran. Normalization and inversion methods.

Modeling, Identification and Control. Planning optimal casing points. Efficient methods to model stresses and to generate a good geomechanic prognosis. Analysis of temperature befnt during drilling.

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Bernt Sigve Aadnøy – NTNU

Model Description and Field Case Study. New Buckling Model Improves Analysis. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; – Three-dimensional well tubular design improves margins in critical wells more. A norma rotation; B transversa