Cost: Free Title: Blood Prophecy Series: The Drake Chronicles #6. Author: Alyxandra Harvey Overall Rating: 3 stars. This book series definitely went downhill. Blood Prophecy. By: Alyxandra Harvey Media of Blood Prophecy The deliciously dark and dramatic finale to the much-loved Drake Chronicles series. Buy Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles) by Alyxandra Harvey (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Frustration, bloodlust, and the need to find Nicholas after he went missing made me push too hard.

Booklover’s Haven: Sound and Fury: Drake Chronicles # – Alyxandra Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey has created something really fun and refreshing with the Drake Chronicles and as she ends it on a solemn, but perfect note, I know this is one series I’ll re-read again and again. The Drake Chronicles has been one of my all time favorite series. She was nearest to the door and was the first to notice me.

It’s filled with laughter, excitement, kickass female protags and swoon-worthy undead boys that will steal your heart faster then you can say vampire.

I thought for a series finale it was concluded very well because the story pgophecy whole just came together so well.

Or better yet, a spin off series about Lucy. See 1 question about Blood Prophecy…. It’s all really over and I can’t stomach it. It needs to die a slow, painful death. Want to Read saving…. I still don’t understand why the author deviated from that great writing in book five and the start of proophecy six.

Read Blood Prophecy(Drake Chronicles, Book 6) online free by Alyxandra Harvey

As Viola works to gain full control of Solange and enact her revenge, to split the vampires apart, rather than unit them as Solange wants, will anyone notice it’s not really her? I really wanted to savor this one, to make it last but I just couldn’t I had to find out how it all worked itself out.


She’s also the only one besides Hunter who doesn’t get changed into a vampire even though she’s madly in love with a Drake Brother! Jul 23, Whitney rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All in all, Blood Prophecy provided a great ending to a fantastic series and it’s a series that I’m sad to leave behind.

In the third book, our arrogant and egotistic Quinn, meets Hunter, a girl who has been trained to kill vampires but seems to fall for him nonetheless.

Nicholas and Quinn and Logan are kind of fantastic, but it’s Lucy’s relationship, the friendship they’ve had since they were little girls that’s withstood the fact that Solange is a vampire and now has Lucy still backing Solange ahrvey if she might be looking like she’s gone evil-crazy! Nicholas, Kieran, Hunter, etc. The kitchen was crammed with dark-haired, fiercely scowling Drakes. Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with three dogs and her husband.

It was really very interesting–Harvey has tied it all in perfectly and managed fres weave it all in with the Drake history to create a really intriguing explanation. Solange is being possessed by an ancient relative who never got to enjoy her life.

Blood Prophecy

Most of all, I am ecstatic that while this was the last book in the series, it isn’t over. Originally posted on www. So it was a huge relief to finally understand the why’s when the revelations started to unravel for her.

I am now depressed. Yarvey not everyone can survive the prophecy… maybe not even her. I need this book, like yesterday At first when I saw this series I didn’t expect much, but as soon as I met the characters, understood the plot Open Preview See a Problem?

We met Lucy in the first book where she finally gets together with Nicholas after many years of them hating each other. The chapters where Viola fully takes over Solange, leaving Solange trapped in a castle inside Viola’s mind, were alyxandrz dull and confusing. Kieran is so sweet though.

Thanks for telling us about fee problem. It’s one of the first times we see just how strong Solange is and how much of a Drake she truly is. For some time now the young vampire’s thoughts and feelings have not been entirely her own, influenced from inside her own head by Viola.


As while I am so sad that this series is over, I am so glad that Ms. You just knew, sooner or later, the jar would shatter into pieces. Can Solange find her way back home again? If someone I love dies I am going to go cry in a corner somewhere. This is the best, funniest, and most satisfying vampire series currently in YA. They will all truly be missed. Anything you write, I will buy. Can Solange break her hold in time to save everyone she loves from a vampire civil fgee, hunter attack, and each other?

No matter what people say about vampires being done and dusted no pun intendedthat in no way has any baring on this fun, witty, perfectly written series that I’ve just simply adored reading! I really like this quote because of the technique that was used and the way it is written.

I’ve followed The Drake Chronicles ever since the first book and I still can’t believe it’s 3 years later and I’ve just read the last book. I love the way they look out for each other, I love their banter and I love their wit. This is the final book of the Drake chronicles and unlike the last two books in this series, this is a brilliant book, I love how it ties up the loose ends but still but also leaves the option for more stories in Violet Hill.

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