Breadcrumbs By Anne Ursu Illustrated by Erin McGuire. Walden Pond Press (an imprint of Harper Collins) $ ISBN: Read Common Sense Media’s Breadcrumbs review, age rating, and parents Anne Ursu ยท Fantasy; Breadcrumbs was, quite simply, a beautiful book. Book Review: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu. Posted on October 4, Title: Breadcrumbs. Written by Anne Ursu Illustrations by Erin McGuire. Genre: Fantasy .

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Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu | Scholastic

The children have modern troubles – Jack’s mother is going through a deep depression, Hazel has to deal with her adoptive parents’ divorce and to bring herself to fit in a new, difficult and different school. They need to be freed from their cages of fear. Just didn’t do it for me.

But in her own way, she bullies back by continually stating, mostly to herself and at times to others, how the ignorant kids aren’t up to her level, how the teachers are cruel idiots, and how she can’t ever get what she wants in life due to other people’s failure to correctly set up the world. What McGuire chooses to illustrate is also interesting. But the writing was so different.


I wanted to sink into the writing and stay there. And yet the author never acknowledges this in any way. Since she found it hard to think of the right words and uncertain on how to be brave, she decided to be good.

Mar 04, Anna rated it did not like it. The villain isn’t some wolf lurking in the forest, or an evil witch who casts curses on newborns; it’s not even the Snow Queen herself. The gold medal better be plastered on A Monster Calls.

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The writing style in this made my skin crawl. You want the lady knight to be the hero. She is supposed to be imaginative but never really comes across that ureu. By the end of the tale there are a couple loose ends that may confound readers. Ursu has sculpted a rich and poignant adventure that brings readers deep into the mysterious, magical, and sometimes frightening forests of childhood and change.

Realized my mistake when I started to read your review.

And I believe that goodness wins out Idiosyncratic thing, ignore me. I felt from the beginning that Hazel was selfish, self-absorbed, self-pitying, and ignorant of any other perspective than her own.

Review of the Day: Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Finished the morning ugsu my birthday no felicitation necessary, this was mumblemumble months ago. If bgeadcrumbs a book to watch this season, Breadcrumbs is it. But it in no way delivered what we thought we’d get out of it. There is the clock in the woods. Hazel notices that things have changed with her best friend Jack and that urrsu doesn’t really want to play with her. This is a perfect book for grades with a wonderful heroine who is very creative and imaginative, but slightly odd.


Hazel’s only confidante is Jack, the only one who Hazel believes relates to her troubles and her active imagination. Thank you for your support. She is bright, creative, imaginative, and caring. The little girl, shamed somehow, said no and turned her back.

I just kept imagining how cold everyone around her must be. Classic Narnia tale has exciting battles, Christian themes. I can see English teachers having a field day with this book, using it for a variety of writing assignments. Every one of his villains and heroes is felled by their wants.