Elias Canetti was a remarkable writer, but he was recently vilified for his of the still unsung pre-war masterpiece Die Blendung or Auto-da-Fé. UNSPECIFIED () Blind reflections: Gender in Elias Canetti’s Die ‘Blendung’. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, 92 (Part 4). pp. ISSN THE VISION OF MAN IN ELIAS CANETTI’S DIE BLENDUNG. Peter Russell. Victoria University, Wellington, N.Z.. Search for more papers by this author.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yet the British were not canegti the most accommodating hosts and the Canettis not always willing to be grateful.

Be that as it may, Canetti hated TS Eliot, whose poetry and reputation were indicative of all that had become wrong with England since the centuries of its cultural glory: WG Sebald, though blendjng 40 years younger, was captivated by some of Canetti’s mid-century themes.

Which leads to the question, is the book entertaining? Ultimately, his marriage—intended to protect both himself and his library—destroys both instead, in the conflagration alluded to by the English-language title, Auto-da-Fe. It’s a waste of time, time I could spend reading other, more interesing books.

A writer for the Spectator described it as: I wish there was an additional star or something, for books that you can see are good, but just does not suit your tastes. If you don’t have it, you are so desperately greedy for it that not only will you engage in absolutely any half-witted opportunity for crime, but even if you hit on a good crime you’ll lose it all because you’ll never be able to quit while ahead, you’ll never see yourself as ahead, you’ll just always go foolishly ccanetti for more and more.

Certainly at the very least Blencung exaggerates for comic effect. His “pupil” from the age of 19, Benedikt was from a rich cahetti distinguished Viennese family.


Die Blendung

After her literary career had been cut short by the right-wing coup in Februarywhen the Arbeiter-Zeitung which had printed her stories was closed down, she tried in vain to interest British publishers in her work. Jonathan Spence observes that “there is nothing discreet, chaste, or high minded about the finest and wildest of all fictions that centre on a student of China, Canetti’s Auto-da-fe.

Canetti claims all three of Benedikt’s novels were dedicated to him, but only two mention him by name, the other The Blenduhg is “to Orion”, the giant hunter from classical mythology who was slain by Diana, goddess of hunting and chastity.

Return to Book Page. I have, even though I hate doing it, decided to leave it unfinished, because I can’t keep up reading a book that bores me to tears especially such a long book, with such tiny typeface! It’s an interesting perspective, but thankfully the situation mostly doesn’t appear to be quite this bad. Some parts are very funny.

Soon he sees her as a pirate who robs each of her lovers not of his heart, but of his mind. In its occasional candour it is like nothing he published in his lifetime. He marries his housekeeper because he believes she is committed to the care of his books, but she sets out immediately to find ways to defraud Kien of his fortune. So, overall not my favorite.

That said, occasionally I myself can’t help finding certain “great works” kind of, er, boring and pretentious. It has been published in Germany under the title Party im Blitz. Therese is about forty-years old and very sly. The humour in the description of the bibliophilic main character is lost to me. Canetti’s most unusual relationship was probably with Friedl Benedikt, who published three novels in English as Anna Sebastian before her death from Hodgkins disease at Kien categorically rejects the ignominiousness and immorality of working for money, and has been living on an inheritance from his father for over a decade.

His name was the last Murdoch recognised two months before she died.

The God-monster’s version | Books | The Guardian

The sex could hardly be more different from her own accounts of power and dominance. He seems to have been loyal to them, though clearly not faithful, and the creative influences are by no means all one way. This couldn’t have been all bad, because something did keep me reading despite being sorely tempted to quite about every ten pages or so.


No one, he insisted, could have so many skins; I had constructed an ideal character; what a writer does in his books, Georges Kien did in his life Since late s he lived in London and Zurich. See 1 question about Die Blendung….

This is dif not a book I would consider revisiting unless I developed a serious case of insomnia. This is one extraordinary marriage relationship! On the way home from the marriage ceremony, Kien, a virgin, has brief but intense fantasies about consummating the marriage, revealing his ignorance of sex as well as disturbing ideas about women misogyny is one of the most pervasive themes in the book, usually to the degradation and downfall of the characters, though not explicitly condemned by the narrative:.

Auo-da-Fe was just such a case for me. In this world, it starts with money. Peter Kien is a distinguished scholar and sinologist, obsessed by his bblendung of books, a private library.

Auto-da-Fé (novel) – Wikipedia

I use the term ‘real’ loosely, because nothing in this book bears resemblance to what most people would consider a normal reality, and all of the characters are so ugly and unlikeable. With masterly precision, Canetti reveals Kien’s character, displaying the flawed personal relationships which ultimately lead to his blenddung. This casts in a new light those controlling and sexually bleendung Magi-figures who stand at the centre of some of Murdoch’s novels and who Canetti is said to have inspired.