A crappy Chinese capacitor company “CapXon” handing out a bunch of mid- range low temperature caps inside of a confined space where there can be up to 4. CapXon LZ datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Buy uF 16V LZ 8x20mm C (Capxon) CapXon, Capacitors – Aluminium Capacitors (Through Hole), Ёмкость: µF, Номин. напряж.: 16 V, Серия: LZ, .

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I have also taken the liberty of fixing a few of the larger screen televisions that were at a friends Italian Restaurant. Additionally There is this Capacitor by Panasonic http: Find More Posts by ipo3nk. They are just labeled U They fit perfectly and the monitor has been running for 2 months without problems. However capacitor failure continues to happen to this day and I am going to have to disagree with Wiki that this plague really caoxon. Failures or weaknesses in power supply fapxon cause failures in other circuits.

If the little ones went, they won’t be far off Find More Posts by Dasutin. I wouldn’t buy a replacement through eBay – for electronic parts, at least, “eBay is like a box of chocolates”, to misquote Forrest Gump.

The first one is the best. I replaced all of the capacitors and I found that the transistors are bad but I can’t find any information on them. Now that you are in there be sure to replace all of the secondary caps or at least those made by Crapxon in that series.


For future reference it is better to title thread with brand and model then problem. Are they also known crap? Japanese low-ESR electrolytic from a reputable supplier.

Apparently CapXon capacitors has been an issue in other monitors as well. Thanks for checking out my blog! The Samsung board also had 3x uf 25v caps which i replaced as well on all of the boards I serviced because I have little to no respect to CapXon. Mostly CapXons however there was a few power boards that were refurbished the had swollen caps and they were Rubycons. Pics would help immensely also.

Another important question in which circuit are the caps bulged the switching PSU, vertical deflection, etc? Originally Posted by Tornath So does that mean that the Capacitors linked are both appropriate for my needs?

I would greatly appreciate if you gave me the exact part numbers.

ITS-LZ 2560 D 12V

CapXon Does anyone know what I can use kz replace the 4 transistors on this board? One which has caused some attention and lawsuits similar to dell and other companies dealing with. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. That’s true of most higher grade Jap caps. Professionals built the Titanic.


CapXon – Badcaps Forums

Rennes in Small Brittany France Posts: After replacing all of them the flashing red light remained solid which ended up saving football night at her restaurant. I would guess that, as their PC are used by professional, Dell would select more carefully its supplier I just wanted to make sure it’d be safe to use them.

Does anyone know what I can use to replace the 4 transistors on this board?

Variable heat and tips. Glad you got it working. I found the model number of the capacitors. Find More Posts by Scenic. Well, electrical design rules tell you that the caps should be located as oz to the device powered by that rail as possible. And the companies know about this.

If you’d like I can get you the exact part numbers from digikey for what you’ll need. This weekend I serviced one more Samsung BW monitor dealing with a very infamous capacitor issue. At least a few other people have learned that they can be fixed relatively easily. I’m mostly a Novice with Capacitors. Find More Posts by Krankshaft. Thanks for taking the trouble to write it.

Nov 19, 4.