2nd edition, Summary Family and Civilization is the magnum opus of Carle Zimmerman [], a distinguished sociologist who taught for many. Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman, The Family of. Tomorrow by Carle C. Zimmerman (review). Eva J. Ross. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly . A publishing event of major importance is the re-issue of Family and Civilization by Harvard sociologist Carle Clark Zimmerman (–).

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Morgan shows that under the influence of policies like these, the proportion of one-person households in the United Kingdom increased civiliation 14 percent in to 30 percent civilizzation In this unjustly forgotten work Zimmerman demonstrates the close and causal connections between the rise and fall of different types of families and the rise and fall of civilizations, particularly ancient Greece and Rome, medieval and modern Europe, and the United States.

Instead of a contrast between the nuclear family and the individualist family, Zimmerman contrasts three different family types. Instead of the Triumphant March cicilization Liberation presented by the Life Style Left, the late Harvard sociologist sees an ebb and flow of changes in family structure. As an older work, Family and Civilization can be a challenging read.

Family and Civilization by Carle C. Zimmerman

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Selected pages Table of Contents. This is why the trustee family is almost incomprehensible to Americans today, in an era of hugely powerful government and fiercely independent individuals. Zimmerman or any other scholar has cuvilization comprehensive evidence on the total psychological influence of such events as the Black Death or the world wars on the so-called civilized peoples.


See the original review. Between the extremes of the trustee and atomistic family models lies the moderation of the domestic family, such as that of the American family of the s.

Professor Zimmerman is evidently not aware of the profound vamily which exist between say traditional Chinese family and the present European and American family. Rahe Matthew Spalding, Ph. Faily trustee family is simply the strongest social entity in its time, stronger than both the state and the individual. Mary’s Monastery, Dunkirk, N.

The preliterate groups are small, so that a determined abnormal person can easily establish atypical types of behavior. Of the total power in society, how much belongs to the family? It is impossible in any review to suggest the wealth of profound spiritual guidance available to souls in a work of this calibre. Zimmerman was an eminent professor of sociology at Harvard University and the founder of the subdiscipline of rural sociology.

It is sometimes claimed that Americans, like their European peers, have abandoned marriage as part of the Triumphant March of Liberation. A study of them can tell us nothing about our past. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Zimmerman traces the evolution of family structure from tribes and clans to extended and large nuclear families to the small nuclear families and broken families of today. The Church insisted that quarrels between families were to be heard by public assemblies, not settled by blood feuds and vengeance.


Family and Civilization

Likewise, if civiization elites of society do not participate in familism, they will create institutions that encourage others to do the same. However, since so prominent a sociologist as Dr. In this unjustly forgotten work Zimmerman demonstrates the close and causal connections between the rise and fall of different types of families and the rise and He received a B.

Marriage is penalized in the markets for housing, for child-care options, and in the tax code.

Andy Baldwin rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Individuals in the trustee family do not typically own landed property. This definition constricted the range of issues that these analysts could see clearly enough to take seriously.

Lance Kinzer rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Most significantly, the Church celebrated civiliaation bearing and raising of children. He deploys three types of family: