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The stock fell to the lowest in almost four years in Junereducing its market value to as little as million reais, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

We believe that the Brazilian copper market could be further accelerated, and the current moment is positive, as it promotes small steady growth with a programmed demand that is not too hot.

We hope that federal programs will inject resources and enable the economy to resume its growth path.

Paranapanema is 65 percent through a 1. The copper market is growing in Brazil and we need to be attentive to meet the domestic demand. Have talks moved forward? A small cap describes stocks with relatively lower market value.

What are the current details of this operation? Was the figure earmarked in Paranapanema’s expansion plan? Todos os direitos reservados. Our idea is to develop a technology for the treatment of the anode sludge resulting from the copper manufacturing process to obtain gold and silver for future commercialization.

After improvements, our mill reached a quality level comparable to that of most modern copper refineries in the world. While a turnaround has been occurring, the company still has scope to improve its quarterly results, according to Daniel Utsch, an equity analyst at Banco Fator SA in Sao Paulo.

We still have a lot to do. Big miners want large scale projects, however small deposits require investments as big as the large-scale deposits and they are capital-intensive. This same model would apply to other metals which are processed according to the domestic demand.

Once produced, we have to ensure the placement of these tubes on the market. Our hedge system seeks to protect our transactions from volatility impacts. The government should have some kind of flexibility on taxes. Currently, we produce 18,t of tubes and will reach 36,t. What production figures do you expect to reach with the new plant? Has production increased as a result of the overhaul? The company is developing products that may displace other metals such as aluminum or stainless steel in items from hospital equipment and handrails, said Monteiro, who took over as CEO in February.


Paranapanema’s big appeal is the industrial and refrigeration sectors. The dollar is being traded at 2. We have direct customers and are seeking the possibility of increasing our foreign customers, but our most important market is the local one.

Dating alone itu acara apa

This way, the expansion of copper production capacity also contributed to reducing our costs and increasing Paranapanema’s revenues. Mining has positive variables but we need to calculate them very precisely and search for equal conditions.

Todos os direitos reservados. Paranapanema posted a negative ebitda margin of 3. When we started the project to acquire small copper miners we evaluated more than companies to choose the best four. And yes, the initiative is part of Paranapanema’s expansion plan, which totals 1. Shares of Paranapanema gained 0. The announced figure for sluma activities was cobte back inand should be revised, but we are still studying the possibility of mining investments.

But slowly we are improving the placement curve according to the demand. BNamericas spok e with Paranapanema’s interim president Edson Monteiro about how the company’s 1. Of these four copper miners, three are currently working with us, and we continue to consider other proposals. We serve the gas tubes market, but not the oil sector. Paranapanema rose percent in the past 12 months, the best rally among 73 stocks in the Brazilian Ibovespa Small Cap index, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

By having the possibility of mining copper in Brazil, we could look to a more competitive share in the future.

Copper for delivery elumaa three months on the London Metal Exchange fell 0. But this can be offset by higher operating earnings in subsequent periods. We expect to close with an average production of ,t of electrolytic copper. The outlook for the copper industry, whose revenues grew 4.


But lately we have been studying other applications for oil tubes. In addition, last year the company confirmed it was evaluating four copper miners to form partnerships or acquire small stakes in these companies. On the other hand, civil and industrial construction are our biggest markets. Look ing core improve its mark et share in Brazil, Brazilian copper refiner and products mak er Paranapanema has unveiled plans to start mining copper locally through a new precious metal mining unit and partnerships to acquire small stak es in local copper miners.

Small deposits are not sought out by large mining companies, as there is no scale.

catalogo eluma cobre pdf – PDF Files

The plant’s investment so far amounts to mn reais. Paranapanema, which sold 64 percent of its products in Brazil in the first half, is seeking to boost revenue in non-traditional markets such as wind and solar energy or air conditioning, Monteiro said. We’ve had a gradual production increase since November last year, and the company is trying to reach new volumes immediately.

Four analysts tracked by Bloomberg rate Paranapanema as buy, one recommends selling and one says hold. We are currently in a benchmarking process in our precious metals plant to properly define the best applicable technology to do it and to try to develop a plan and a conceptual design infollowed by the implementation of its basic engineering in and the start of operations in BNamericas spok e with Paranapanema’s interim president Edson Monteiro about switching from copper ore imports to a locally mined product, as well as the company’s outlook for and beyond.

Brazilian copper refiner and products maker Paranapanema Bovespa: Vale had increased the offer four times to 6.