I understand what you mean since i think that the queen’s indian offer a more comfortable game for white than the nimzo. However, the problem. Every competitive chess player needs a sound grasp of how to play this opening – and especially how to meet the most popular lines. The Nimzo-Indian is. : Challenging the Nimzo-Indian () by David Vigorito and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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The chess is certainly at a high level, but Vigorito’s logical approach and clear conclusions means that readers can easily grasp the concepts less-experienced players can challening through the high-quality example games that are comprehensively explained.

Indeed, I think you need to be pretty strong to handle the Classical Nimzo with White as you are often conceding a fairly large advantage in development to your opponent.

If you are a QGD exchange variation like me, you challengijg be annoyed. Dave; apologies about the publisher: Nf3 d5, but this is not everyone cup of tea and this isn’t mine!!

ChessPub Forum – Challenging the Nimzo-Indian by IM David Vigorito

Nimzo and Bogo Indian Everyman Chess. Usted se encuentra en: I belive this is posted on the niggeman site. Equipos Actividades del Club. Challenging the Nimzo-Indian provides White with a complete repertoire based on 4.

Just started working my way through it, but it looks to be quite excellent so far – the coverage is very detailed and there is nothing else like it on the Classical Variation. Discussion forum for ChessPublishing. I finally received my copy of this behemoth pages.


I am checking out the Vitolinsh Variation 1. Dave, Thanks – that Niggemann site is indeed very useful. Fluffy – do you supply any possible repertoires for both sides please; i. Conjuntos Murales Piezas Relojes Tableros. The Nimzo-Indian is one of the soundest and most popular defences against 1 d4, offering Black the chance to unbalance the game early on and play for a win without undue risk.

Deep and actual analyzis, over pages, nice work. Nf3 is about transposition and this what Vigorito explains in his book. I don’t show better opening book. So is it really such a good idea as the author suggests in the introduction to allow the Nimzo instead of playing 3. Of course, you can play good queen’s gambit with after 3. Antillian God Member Offline Brilliance without dazzle! Introduzca su email si desea estar informado de las novedades y actividades de La casa del Ajedrez.

Certainly much more comprehensive and no doubt better than Lalic’s very patchy old tome. Don’t check me with no lightweight stuff. Im not sure I want to get involved in such a heavy main line and allow black to play the variation he aims for.

Al plantear continuos retos al lector y responder a sus posibles dudas, el formato jugada a jugada estimula The only thing which confused me about the book is why the publishers insist on presenting it as a repitoire book in the blurb etc.


Xhallenging Resumen del libro Every competitive chess player needs a sound grasp of how to play this opening — and especially how to meet the most popular lines. What to do after 3.

That said, if you are prepared to take on the work that playing this entails Black has several perfectly viable ways to play and you have nimzk be ready for all of themyou will undoubtedly gain a much better appreciation of the value of the bishop pair.

The Nimzo-Indian Defence has been one of the most trusted defences against 1.

I think that Fluffy’s book is aimed at quite a high level. American International master David Vigorito shows that this negative approach is unnecessary. La Casa del Ajedrez S. The Marshall Attack is a chess opening like no other. However, the problem with 3.

Challenging The Nimzo-Indian

The Nimzo-Indian is Black’s most respected answer to 1. Excellent news about the date. But pleased you still liked the book. If sometimes we fly too close to the sun, at least this shows we are spreading our wings.

I wonder if this figures [significantly] in Fluffy’s book?