Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Chevrolet Malibu Repair Manual – Technical Book from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right. HAYNES GM: Malibu (), Classic (), Alero (), Cutlass ( 00) & Grand Am () Info. (Only 8 Remaining). Get DIY detailed auto repair information for a Chevrolet Malibu from the name you trust – Chilton.

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DRL can be helpful in many different driving conditions, but they can be especially helpful in the short periods after dawn and before sunset. Steering Power Steering If you lose power steering assist because the engine stops or the system is not functioning, you can steer but it will take much more malibj.

Have you checked all levels?

Chevrolet Malibu Auto Repair Manual – ChiltonDIY

Follow the steps below. Dead Battery To disconnect the jumper cables from both vehicles, do the following: The radio will play the last selected station while the tape advances. An indicator light on the button will glow when the fog lamps are on. You can be seriously injured by a twisted belt. Poor fuel quality will cause your engine not to run as efficiently as designed.

Never fill a portable fuel container while it is in your vehicle. If you do, the nuts might come loose. At Least Twice a Year Restraint System Check Make sure the safety belt reminder light and all your belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors and anchorages are working properly. Avoid making very sharp turns while trailering. Inspect engine accessory drive belt. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Windshield wiper blades should be inspected at least twice a year for wear and cracking.


One key is used for the ignition and all other locks. Rear Turn Signal Lamp B.

Appearance Care Remember, cleaning products can be hazardous. Hood Release Hood Release 1. The interior lamps will stay on for 10 seconds or until the ignition is turned on. Your brakes may not have time to cool between hard stops.

Jump Starting Jump Starting If your battery has run down, you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your vehicle.

Turn on your hazard warning flashers.

The compact spare mannual is for temporary use only. Page of Go. To override this feature, when the key is in chev ignition and any door is open, hold down the power door lock switch for three seconds.

Here are some tips on night driving. Ignition Positions Ignition Positions With the key in the ignition switch, you can turn it to four different positions. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacement can be purchased through your dealer.

Press the defogger button. Lap Belt Lap Belt When you sit in the center seating position, you have a lap safety belt, which has no retractor. Plugging the cord into an ungrounded maliu could cause an electrical shock.

Then keep turning the pressure cap slowly, and when the cooling system, including the coolant surge remove it. A transaxle fluid leak is the only reason for fluid loss. Rear Window Defogger The rear window defogger uses a warming grid to remove fog from the rear window. Jump Starting If your battery has run down, you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your vehicle. Plain water, or some other liquid like alcohol, can boil before the proper coolant mixture will.

Chevy Malibu Repair Manuals

Battery Your new vehicle comes with a maintenance free ACDelco battery. Tighten the wheel nuts firmly in a crisscross sequence, as shown.


And, if you leave the vehicle with the engine running, it could overheat and even catch fire. They can be dangerous because: Heater and radiator hoses, and other engine parts, can be very hot. Page The heavier the rain, the harder it is to see.

To change the headlamps from high beam to low beam, pull the turn signal lever toward you. Hydroplaning Hydroplaning mxlibu dangerous. In addition, each passenger door has a switch for its own window. Vehicle Damage Warnings Also, in this book you will find these notices: Gasoline can spray out on you if you open the fuel filler cap too quickly. Judgment Muscular Coordination 20001 Page 82 Manjal Trunk Kit To help prevent a child from becoming trapped in your trunk, you can order a trap resistant trunk kit from your dealer.

Your wheel could fall off, causing a serious accident. Head Restraints Slide the head restraint up or down so that the top of the restraint is closest to the top of your ears. If you have to replace a wheel, use a new Chev original equipment wheel.

If the transmitter does not work or if you have to stand closer to your vehicle for the transmitter to work, try this: Be sure mallibu follow the instructions that came with the child restraint. The anti lock system can change the brake pressure faster than any driver could.