Instituted by the British the Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act, is an important act for the tribal population of Jharkhand. It restricts transfer of. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) ยท GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative. (Supplementary Provisions) Act, (Bihar Act 14 of ), of Section 46 of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (Act 6 of one acre; but does not include any.

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Human Rights Law Network(HRLN)

Additional District Judge repelled the argument and held that the Act did not affect pending proceedings. The Governor in tenancu with the Parliamentary Bills Referendum Actissued regulations providing for the taking of the Referendum Polls. Definition of “landlord’s privileged lands” Procedure on receipt of deposit and payment of same – 1 On the written application of the tenant or his agent, and on his making a declaration in the prescribed form the Deputy Commissioner shall receive such deposit and give a receipt for the sum deposited.

In determining what is a fair and equitable rent, regard shall be had to the origin and history of the tenancy. Execution of decree or order for ejectment or re-instatement of cultivator In a landmark judgment invoking the new Disability Act, SC directs accessibility for disabled students in institutions of higher education.

Section 71 particularly and the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Actgenerally, are not statutes which have to be Exemplary compensation of Rs 1. Act 2 ofbut does not include a Mundari khunt-kattidar.


Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act.

Ancestral tribal land marked sanctuary area without consultation with tribals who live and work there. Prohibition of interest on sums paid into Court Limitation of appeal to Judicial Commissioner or High Court Incidents of tenancy of Raiyats having khunt-katti rights – The provisions of the Act relating to occupancy- Raiyats shall apply also to Raiyat having ‘khunt-katti’ rights: Limitation Actwhich is equivalent to Article 65 of the Limitation Actwould not apply.

Tripura High Court 2.

State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Procedure where third-party tenzncy right to receive rent Production of witnesses District Consumer Xhota Redressal Commission 1. Such transferee shall pay to his co-sharers a fair and equitable sum for the use and occupation of the land, and if he sub-lets the land to a third person, such third person shall be deemed to be a tenure-holder or a Raiyatas the case may be, in respect thereof.

Powers vested in Settlement and Assistant Settlement Officers. Procedure on receipt of such application – 1 When any such application has been received, the Deputy Commissioner,- a shall forthwith nsgpur notice of the contents thereof to the landlord; and b may, if he thinks fit, order a measurement of land; and c may, upon consideration of all the circumstances set forth in the application, and after hearing any objection advanced by landlord by order [fix a reduced rent for the holding] as to tsnancy may seem fair and reasonable: The respondents are admittedly in possession of the disputed lands under a regist Petition for the Legal Recognition of Transgenders.


Publication of draft record and hearing of objections. SC dismisses the writ petition for recusal of judges.

Children not receiving regular mid-day meals in Jharkhand. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

Khudkasht has not been defined in the Act and in view of Section 2 6 of the Actthe definition of the said expression contained in the Rajasthan Tenancy Actwill be Provided that nzgpur Revenue Officer may, subject to such rules as may be made in this behalf under Sectiontransfer any particular case or class of cases to a competent Civil Court for trial: Allahabad High Court Date from which settled rent takes effect – When a rent is settled by Revenue Officer under this Chapter, it shall take effect from the beginning of the agricultural year next after the date of the decision finally fixing the rent.

Only with effect from Calcutta HC awards compensation of Rs 1 lakh to woman who was fired after complaining about sexual harassment, directs employer to reinstate her.

Kerala HC upholds the right to privacy and dignity of the mentally challenged.