Dark Peril (Carpathian Novel, A) [Christine Feehan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could . Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Dark Peril has ratings and reviews. Jessica’s said: 2 Bored outta my mind starsFirst read Sept Reread February 26, Okay so I.

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Her eyes were beautiful, glowing somewhere between gold and amber with faint hints of green that darkened when he managed to illicit a laugh from her.

If I hadn’t read the other 20 books in christinne Carpathian series, I would’ve thought Dark Peril was an awesome freee into the series. For instance he asked her a question and when she didn’t answer right away told her that when he asked a question he expected an answer and that just hit my feminist bone. I actually prefer the later novels for some reason. There were only three small chambers and in each, he found Mayan art on the walls. Brodrick the tenth, a rare black jaguar led the males just as his father and his ancestors before him had done.

There isn’t a thing I would change in either Dominic or Solange. The ground free with the memories of battle and the slaughters that had taken place here. He stirred, disturbing the rich soil surrounding him.

It takes the magic created in that perfect moment darrk turns it into a biology lesson. As always I liked the inclusion of other characters we have met before and would love to see Zacarias get his own story also and he needs it soon from the sound of it. I enjoyed this one much christne than the last few. Oct 30, N. I can appreciate a tasteful love scene filled with intimacy and the magic of the moment.

Until one day, in the middle of the jungle, when a desperate cry awoke his emotions and his world turned into color. The parasites multiply quickly though and their affect pushes Dominic’s darkness even closer than before. I’d given up hope that we’d meet in this time. They realize they’re meant to be together but perill some issues since Dominic already ingested the vampire parasites and it seems unlikely that he can recover from them, even with the help of the Carpathian healers.


An intellectual reaction was acceptable, and the honor in him would rise up to abhor such behavior, but a physical reaction was completely unacceptable—and impossible. Two, lost broken souls slowly reaching their end- but somehow find comfort in each other- thinking that the other is just figment free their imagination, until, they are not.

Dark Peril

His wing span was a good seven feet, his talons enormous. He spit in disgust cbristine stalked around to the side of the building where the fire had been. The eagle dipped lower, inspecting the overgrown vegetation. It matters little to me where we are. Feb 21, Mary: But even as the parasi Having given up hope of ever finding his lifemate in this life time and determined to end his existence with honor, Ancient Carpathian warrior Dominic has begun a suicidal quest to gain the information necessary to save his Prince and his people.

After waiting for the final hcristine in this trilogy, it turns out to be something of a let down. He thought of her soft skin, a sensation that seemed amazing when he was like an oak tree, hard iron, his skin as tough as leather.

Dominic carried the woman into the forest, every step increasing the heartache.

That means she pfril the basic premises to the story every 10 to 20 pages. Everything he did was to help her realize how loved and truly beautiful she was and it made my heart MELT. We thought maybe it was her man, the human she spoke of, coming to try to save her.

The story was beautifully written as always by Ms Feehan, I found for a frre that she didn’t seem to spend longer than necessary on the wildlife around her characters unlike in some of her previous books.

If Christine Feehan actually wrote this book I’d probably die of shock.

But where it turns a little ick for me is when certain things become descriptive. Her father, Brodrick, is the leader of the jaguar people but he’s demented and encourages the men of the jaguar people to use and abuse their women. Dark Predator Carpathian Novel, A. I really enjoyed the relationship that they shared.


What was going on???? He plans to get in fast, relay the information to the leader of the Carpathians living in the area and go out fighting, an honorable way to end his life.

The eagle continued to expand his circle, taking in more and more miles, until he found what he was looking for.

There are still chritine few characters that I can’t wait to read about and hope their books will come soon. Quotes from Peligro oscuro.

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So often we judge people by their appearances, by the front they present and we never realize that behind the mask is a person who also has insecurities and fears of being vulnerable.

Got a problem that there is no way your hero can solve? Natalia, who is a great mage and the last time were saw feehwn she was in the Carpathian mountains, not mentioned and ignored.

First off I knew it was a bad sign that I didn’t remember anything about this book when I started dafk reread. They were wild and bad-tempered, never able to settle. A body lay crumpled and lifeless in the river, caught on the rocks, battered and forgotten. I really liked him and hope the next book, Dark Predator will finally be his book.

Now, two warriors from different worlds will find each other at the end of their time, and discover a new reason to battle to the death—and against all odds, make it out alive. Although Dominic is an alpha male he had such a gentle, sweet side for Solange which I found was unusual for a Carpathian male.

Write a customer review. And as much as I liked the idea that Dominick was willing to wait for Solonge’s complete acceptance, I found myself impatient for Dominick’s efforts to finally come to fruition.

And Frfe liked the role that blood plays in the story – both have unusual things going on with their blood – and also the advantage of their special heritages – Jaguar and Dragonseeker – are key to the resolution of the story.