Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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You can view and edit this field against resource and cost allocations in Asta Powerproject; the value is calculated for tasks and bars by summing the budgeted cost of the tasks’ and bars’ allocations.

This means that if you add the user-defined fields to the spreadsheet in the imported file, the correct names are applied to the column headings. A hierarchy of code library entries is represented as a “dotted” list of levels.

Links that start or finish at summary tasks Primavera software does powegproject support links that start or finish at summary tasks; Asta Powerproject supports links that start or finish at the start of summary tasks, and links that start at the finish of summary tasks.

All hammock tasks are lost during export. Microsoft Project does not support expanded tasks. Tips on using this forum. Task durations It is only possible to change the global number of hours in a day or week, or year within Converrt software itself.

The first three characters of each currency unit name are used as the name in Primavera software except for dollars and euros, which are named Convetr and EUR respectively, and for pounds sterling, the name of which you powerprojecf during the export on the XER Export Options dialog. Overtime work is associated with a corresponding calendar exception during import. Hammocks Primavera software except Primavera P3 does not support hammock tasks.

Note that as Primavera software allows only a convery code from each code library to be assigned to a task, in situations in which the same code powerprojech been assigned to both the bar and the task in Asta Powerproject, the bar code is not exported into the XER file; a warning is not given in this situation. Estimate at completion EAC. Allocations permanent and consumable.

XER format bases durations on hours, so correct durations and effort values are always exported.

Here, the programme chart itself qsta not be exported, as it only contains other projects Here, the programme chart would be exported, as it is the project for chart C4 When you import poqerproject XER file into Primavera software, the Import Wizard reads the XER file and presents you with a list of projects. If such a task is encountered during the export process, a warning is given and the export is stopped.

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Empty WBS items are imported donvert empty summary tasks, which are drawn at the report date. Primavera P3 supports only user-defined fields on tasks and scheduled resource allocations both permanent and consumable. Upon import, the first cost centre in the XER file is used to set up the default cost centre in Asta Powerproject. Cost account names must be unique in Primavera software, so numbers are appended to the names of Asta Powerproject cost centres if required to ensure that this is the case.

Activities in Primavera SureTrak are organised as an indented hierarchy with an outline level. Code libraries Code library assignments against each task and resource can be exported into a custom field of the “text” type, with the name “CodeLibrary: Links Links in Primavera SureTrak have a single lag value, which is always calculated according to the calendar of the activity at convdrt start of the link.

This is illustrated below:. Tasks in progress powerpeoject completed tasks are represented straightforwardly in Asta Powerproject. Overtime in Asta Powerproject is incompatible with Microsoft Project where progress is involved. Any negative income in Asta Powerproject is exported as positive cost. If a task in Asta Powerproject has more than one assignment of the same resource, duplicate resources are created with suffixes of. To export a project into Microsoft Project XML format To export the entire project, click the File tab, then click Save As ; to export only the current branch or view, right-click a chart or summary group in the project view and select Export branch or view to Microsoft Project.

If you export a project that includes one or more resources curves, the export ast amends the curves where necessary so that they have 20 points, and the point values are redistributed to retain the shape and distribution of the resource curve. If you import an MPP or XML file into a chart or summary group rather than importing it as a project in its own right, custom fields from within the project are mapped by name to any user-defined fields in the Asta Powerproject project where possible.

If you import a project from Microsoft Project or from a later version, any cost resources that have been created in the project are imported as sata resources with a cost of zero.

As this field is required in Primavera software but optional in Asta Powerproject, a unique task ID is created automatically during the export for all tasks that do not have one. If a work breakdown structure exists in a project, entries from the WBS hierarchy are mapped directly into the first outline code custom field for each task, so that the WBS code is exported as the outline code value and the WBS name is exported as the outline code description, as illustrated below:.

Primavera software does not offer the same level of multi-currency support as Asta Powerproject.

Converting ASTA power Project File to P3

Primavera software supports positive and negative costs, but has no concept of income. If the file is imported into an existing summary group, the code library data is matched to existing code library entries as far as possible to prevent the creation of multiple code library entries with the same name.


As code aata appearance data is not exported, a set of pre-defined appearances is assigned to the imported codes. I have gone through the help of ASTA but unlucky to resolved it. Resource and cost allocation information from the Budgeted cost powerprooject in Asta Powerproject is exported into the Budgeted cost field in Primavera software.

Exporting projects to Microsoft Project

Too and income rates Resource cost rates are calculated differently in Microsoft Project. The “Calendars” folder itself is not exported.

Tasks Deadlines in Microsoft Project are separate from constraint flags; in Asta Powerproject a deadline is a type of constraint flag. Primavera software except Primavera P3 does not support hammock tasks. You specify how income should be handled during the export process.

Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Microsoft Project

It allows more than one project to be exported, but it does not allow a hierarchy of projects to be defined unlike Asta Powerproject, in which expanded tasks and summary tasks can be defined as projects powerprlject project groups. Subcontractor” will be created against the task during export.

Conver Primavera software does not support the use of subheadings – bars with a name but with no tasks – so these are discarded during the export process. Otherwise, the appropriate skill of allocations is determined from the role, or from the parent resource in the hierarchy if no role is assigned.

Primavera P3 only supports one task per bar, so where a bar has more than one task in Asta Powerproject it is divided into separate bars during the export, with a single task appearing on each; convegt tasks on these bars will be linked. Calendars If you choose to export a project using a planning unit of Hours, any day in an Asta Powerproject project with any working zsta at all is counted as a working day in Primavera P3. As Asta Powerproject uses alphanumeric formatting at all levels of the WBS, each code mask is assigned an “any” length character sequence during the export.

If you import a project that includes one or more resources curves, the import process imports all resource curves except any that have the same name as a resource curve that exists in the template that powerprojct specify during the import.

If a task has both a deadline and a constraint flag, the deadline is removed during import. If the cost rates change over time, more cost and income rate objects are created during import, with names that indicate t date at which the rate changes.