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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Never- theless governmental agencies or learned and professional societies may reproduce data or excerpts or illustrations from them without requesting an authorization from the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization welcomes such applications. The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Director-General of the World Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country or territory or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers. Errors and omissions excepted, the names of proprietary products are distinguished by initial capital letters.

It covers material published between and and thus brings up to date the bibliography published over forty years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation Bibliography on hookworm disease.

International Health Board Publication No. A list of the principal sources consulted in addition to the indexes and catalogues of the World Health Organization Library will be found on page Whenever possible, references cited have been verified from the original material, and for the textbooks only the latest known edition has been cited.

Serial publications, such as reports issued at regular intervals by govern- ments or private bodies, have not, in general, been included. As a general rule, titles of articles and books have been given in the original language. Cyrillic characters being transliterated in accordance with the system recommended by the International Organization for Standardization.

In the case of material published in Chinese or Japanese, the title of coprscopico article in square brackets is as given in the source coproscopicl which the reference was obtained. The references are arranged alphabetically by author, each item being numbered. A combined subject and geographical index in English and in French, referring to the item numbers, will be found at the end of the bibliography. The headings coprlscopico this subject index were prepared by an international group of experts on helminthiases.


So far as possible, pharmaceutical preparations have been entered in the index under the name appearing in the Cumulative list of proposed international non-proprietary names for pharmaceutical preparations, Geneva, World Health Organiza- tion, File mentionne les ouvrages et les articles parus entre etet constitue ainsi une mise a jour de la bibliographie publiee il y a plus de quarante ans par la Fondation Rockefeller: II Afin de rendre ce travail aussi complet que possible du point de vue technique et geographique, on a methodiquement consulte les ouvrages importants de references medicales.

Les references ont ete verifiees, dans la mesure du possible, sur le travail original meme; dans le cas des manuels, seule la derniere Edition connue est mentionnee.

Les publications periodiques, telles que les rapports publies a intervalles reguliers par des organismes publics ou prives, ont ete exclues. Referate Stuttgart Zoological Record London — 10 — 1. Ancylostomiasis and hypoproteinemia com- plicated by pregnancy.

The efTect of improved diet on children with a moderate degree of hookworm infection. Home Economics,26, 3. Avitaminosis in ancylostoma anaemia. Epidemiology of ankylostomiasis in Egypt. Hllh Cairo, 1, No. On the anthelmintic efficacy of piperazine adipate.

The trial of N- B-oxycth. Nitrated aluminium naphtholate in the treat- ment of ancylostomiasis. Algunos puntos de patologia tropical. Rela96es coprilogico lepra com a ancylostomose. Sostojanie nekotoryh funkeij peceni pri anki- lostomidozc [Na Gruzinskom jazyke].

In; Plan robot coprologkco tezisy dokladov XV tmiiinoj sessii Institiita medieinskoj parazitohgii i tropileskoj medicini imeni S. Virsaladze, Tbilisicoproscoipco, Incidence of helminth parasites in pariah dogs. Incidence of coprologicco parasites in indigenous dogs and jackals with special reference to hookworms.

In; V Congrds intcrnationou.

Despertando gigante interior anthony robbins pdf Despertando gigante interior anthony robbins pdf

Istanbul, Celikcilt Matbaasi,vol. Investigations on the control of hookworm disease. The relation of the domestic chicken to the spread of hookworm disease. Observations on conditions under which hookworm eggs and larvae develop.

Notes on the longevity and infectivity coptoscopico hookworm larvae. Some influences of the American hookworm. Lethal effects of acetic acid on larvae of Ancylostoma caninum in fecal-soil cultures. Chemical control of larvae of the dog hook- worm Ancylostoma caninum Ercolani.


The domestic pig and hookworm dissemination. Studies on the occurrence, distri- bution and morphology of Necator suillus including descriptions of the other species of the Necator. Algunas observaciones de polineuritis anki- lostomidsicas. Caracas, 1, Memoriae de la Confe- rencia Sanitaria Nacional de Caracas, Ministerio de Coprrologico y de Agricultura y Cria,pp.


Nuevas adquisiciones en pato- logia y patogenia. V, Adam, G, F. Hookworm infection and asthma. Report on a collection of Nematodes from the Federated Malay States. Oxford, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ancy- lostomiasis, Chapter 3, pp. A survey of the protozoal and helminthic infestation rates of the male prison and refor- matory inmates of Beau Bassin Prison, Mauritius. Ancylostomes in animals in Freetown.

The hookworms of man in Sierra Leone. Intra-uterine infection with Ancylostoma cani- niim in dogs. Studies on experimental creeping eruption in the Philippines. Parasitisme intestinal dans le cercle de Djou- gou Dahomey. The polyanthelmintic artion of dithiazanine iodide.

Verification of its effectiveness in the most common helminthiases in Guatemala. Evaluacion de la eficada del yoduro de Ditia- zanina e las helmintiasis mas frecuentes en Guatemala.

Guatemala,10, Aguilar, J. Introduccidn al estudio de la ancylostomosis de los mineros como enfermedad profesional.

Trabajo Mexico coproscopivo,2, No.

Studies on ankylostomiasis in West Pakistan. Bephenium hydroxynaphthoate against hook- worm in West Pakistan. The effect of diet on the worm burden of children infected with Necalor americatius and Ascaris lumhricoides. Malaria and ankylostomiasis mimicking appendicitis. El sindrome cardio-vascular de la ankilosto- miasis. Kumamoto Igakkai Zasshi,33, Suppl.

Some experimental contributions on oral and cutaneous infection of hookworms. Hos- pital Rio de J. K voprosu o kliniceskom tecenii ankilosto- miaza.

Hookworm copriscopico causing the blood picture of primary hemolytic anemia in an infant. Le varie frazioni degli acidi grassi insaturi del siero di sangue nelT anemia da anchilo- stoma.

Ankylostomiasis hookworm disease in a kennel of Airedales. Lavoro,24, Generalidades, estudo cli- nico e therapeutico.

A prova de Schneider nas criangas e nos ancylostomados.

Hospital Rio de J. La necatoriasis y su tratamiento. Indice de infestacidn por uncinaria.

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Necator americanus e Trypanosoma cruzi. Paulo, coprosclpico, Haematological findings in ancylostoma ane- mia. Observagoes s6bre a actividade anti-helmin- tica da ditiazanina. Paulo, 1, Amaral, A.

Resultados clinicos del diiododinitrophenol en el hombre. Bogotd, 30, Contributo di osservazioni cliniche, per una piij esatta conoscenza del tipo di anemia degli individui affetti da anchilostomiasi. World distribution of helminthiases.