Services. S&W M&P Trigger Job. Standard Trigger job- $ plus return shipping. Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as pounds on the. I am shooting IDPA and steels using M&P 9mm Pro. Is there any preference between an Apex Trigger and a Dan Burwell job?. I discovered the link to Dan Burwell’s website while searching through the archives here. Following his thorough and detailed instructions.

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Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as 3. Edited December 24, by CK1. Thanks for the link. Of course, just the polishing of the striker block and the sear helps to relieve the minimal amount of grit that the stock trigger had. My compact is plenty good for what I expect of it. Thanks for the link! Can someone De-mystify the Apex trigger options?

In case any of you guys are squemish about taking a file to your sear, looks like the folks at Apex Tactical have a x-mas gift for you Posted December 13, Want to do the Burwell trigger job I have the.

In addition to the above trigger jobs I offer a couple options 1. Originally Posted by lthrnck03 I did the Burwell trigger job on my own.


I do not change the striker spring so you not need to worry about light primer hits. Example link 1 Example link 2 Can link 3. This will save time and effort. I’ve never owned a stone, what should I buy? Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to 2.

I’m happy with what I have at the moment. Originally Posted by lthrnck If the goal is to reduce the trigger pull weightthen of course more sanding will be required. Also, I googled 3M wheel. Register a new account. Home Forums Classifieds Site Sponsors.

No safeties are disabled in any way. I wish I wouldn’t have seen this. This content can be configured within your theme settings in your ACP. I’ve written this before byrwell different words I highly recommend trying this if you’re reasonably mechanically inclined and up to it. I considered just sending my pistol to Dah.

I can report that it did make a positive difference in the trigger, not Apex positive, but better than stock.

M&P DIY Trigger Job – Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting –

December 30th, Posted December 11, Its already researched, tried and tested true and its quick and easy. And I tried contacting Burwell. The pro series is supposed to have a much better trigger nurwell the stock model.


He’s gone, just like this forum said he was. Footer title This is an example of a list. Looking a the difference between the Burwell striker block and sear in comparison to the stock striker block and sear I tried to be very conservative in the sanding. Please email all questions.

If that is the goal, then it will be accomplished.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Burwell’s directions because I bet for most it stays put, but it’s small, I mean REAL small, and I almost lost mine when it dropped out Can anyone explain the AEK kit vs.

Want to do the Burwell trigger job

All Triggre can say is I wish I knew about Mr. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By KKing Started 35 minutes ago. This trigger is a little less crisp than the Standard Trigger job but is about the same as stock. By xsubsailor Started Saturday at It’s actually quite easy to do.