By Wolfgang Borchert · View Translated Work ↑. Das hohle Fenster in der Da lag ein halbes Brot. Und eine Blechschachtel. Du rauchst? fragte der Mann. Europe Germany Hamburg. Wolfgang Borchert () is a German short-story writer and playwright. He is considered to be the. Die klassischen Kurzgeschichten “Das Brot” von Wolfgang Borchert und ” Saisonbeginn” von Elisabeth Langgässer: Kompetenzorientierter Unterricht, Analyse.

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And a tin box.

And I thought, this could never end. Then he said slowly: Overburdened Germany Moves Out the Refugees He sensed that someone had come and was now standing in front of him, dark and quiet. The old man carried a knife and a basket in his hands. Du kannst sie sehen. analysd

Rats Sleep at Night

History repeats itself She came to his aid: They don’t talk about what happened and a perplexed conversation takes place. And his basket wolfbang excitedly back and forth. Der Mann nahm den Korb hoch und richtete sich auf. That’s how they survive.

Rats Sleep at Night – Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I mean, you’ve got to eat! Views Read Edit View history. Shortly after World War II in Germany, an older woman wakes up in the dark of the night and catches her husband who is cutting himself a slice of rationed bread. What do you think? Of course, in that case, I won’t tell you what I have here in this basket. Then Wolfyang go home with you, okay? She turned on the light.


The blown-out window on the ruined wall yawned soft pink, suffused in the early evening sun. Alexis Levitin translates from the Spanish. You are going to catch a cold. Ja, die essen doch von Toten.

She saw wolfganh he had cut himself some bread. But the man couldn’t hear him anymore. But if you really can’t leave Then he said slowly to the clock, into the white and blue round face: It reveals the husband’s lie, at the same time it turns the situation for the better, when the wife sits down at the table under the lamp.

Nein, ich schlafe nich.

And she would make her eyes very small, because the light was so bright. And then he showed them what was in his hand. Death and Fame — two sides of war During the day he sometimes looked younger.

Er war viel kleiner als ich. Er lief mit seinen krummen Beinen auf die Sonne zu. Hot summer Would you like to?

The kitchen clock | The Rhino Column

The fact that the protagonists are not presented by name and the place is not named either, shows that the author’s aim was to make the story relevant for different times and places. When he raised his clock up high again, he laughed. Wisps of dust played in the light between the smokestacks.


But now there were crumbs on the cloth. The knife was still lying beside the plate. The window which he looks through to hide his uncertainty is a link between the outside and the inside. Europe under the gun Mit einmal war das Licht weg im Keller. The best thing is namely: They saw him from far off, coming towards him, because he stuck out. They avoid eye contact, after a while she sits down at the table. This site uses cookies.

He just kept thinking of the word — the word paradise.

Da sagte der Mann und seine krummen Beine waren ganz unruhig dabei: At that moment she felt sorry for him. All this had always been so. Three poems from Lo solo del animal Sophia Dahlin translates from the Spanish.

Stimmt, sagte der Mann, und genau soviel Kaninchen habe ich.