Guide? Or maybe the wine you’re trying to look up isn’t among our more than , reviews? (Hey, it happens.) Check our latest vintage chart to get an idea . to stock your cellar or need advice on when to pop open your latest gem, Wine. Enthusiast has got you covered. Check our latest vintage chart to get an idea. THE WINE ADVOCATE VINTAGE GUIDE Date:6/30/ REGIONS.

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The Bordeaux vintage chart gives you ranking for every Bordeaux vintage from to today. You can read about the growing season in the Medocas well as in the Right Bank! This Bordeaux vintage chart covers all the important Bordeaux appellations: Estephe vintags, PauillacSt. We also cover all the important, small appellations and satellite regions as well.

The years in the Bordeaux vintage chart are scored using a rough average based on your chance of randomly purchasing a bottle of Bordeaux wine from the vintage of your choice and have it offer a reasonably good, wine tasting experience. This is the purpose of the Bordeaux vintage chart. Of course there are always some good and even great wines produced in moderate years. But one good wine, or even a few good wines does not make a great vintage.

For example, for wines from the Left Bank for the past 30 years, the vintages can be ranked as follows: Part of my thoughts are based on the entire spectrum erobertpaarker wines from a vintage.

For example, has a few great wines, but numerous properties did not excel. A similar problem comes up with Some wines are off the charts, they are so good. But there are numerous failures as well.

Still, the best of those wines are for me absolutely compelling. It is also important to consider that today, there are several estates making great wine, that did not produce wines at the same level in vintages as far back asor even as recently as Although today, due to age, storage, provenance and counterfeits, buyers of these wines should exercise extreme caution and purchase them from only known and trusted sources, or major auction houses that thoroughly vet the wines.

But the situation is changed when ranking the best Bordeaux vintages for Pomerol and Saint Emilion. Those vintages can be ranked as follows: With that in mind, be extremely cautious about buying the most famous examples of Pomerol and St. Emilion from those years.

There are far more fake and counterfeit wines available for sale than were produced. The problem is exacerbated with large formats. The majority of large format famous wines for sale are fake! This needs to be taken into consideration before you even think about storage and provenance.


Potential buyers of these exceedingly rare wines should exercise extreme caution and purchase them from only known and trusted sources, or major auction houses that thoroughly vet the wines. A great vintage, which does not happen that often, is a year that produced high quality wines from every Bordeaux wine erobfrtparker and in vnitage price ranges.

Bordeaux Vintage Chart 1959 to Today, Vintage Rankings Characteristics

That means the wines at the top are of extreme quality as are value wines. The wines should offer a unique character and have the ability to age and evolve. For more detail, tasting notesharvest conditions erobertparked Bordeaux wine buying guides on any of the vintages listed below, please see: If you want to read or search for anything on Bordeaux, from a history of the region, analysis of the wines, styles and character, or view detailed profiles on all the top Bordeaux chateau, please see our easy to use: All About Bordeaux Wine Guide.

The wines are best in the northern Medoc, becoming less consistent the further south you go. The wines have early drinking potential. They are bright and quite fresh, with soft tannins and silky textures, focusing more on red berries than blacker fruits. Good but mixed in other appellations. However, interestingly, some vineyards in Pomerol and St. Emilion made the best wines in their history! The wines are inky in color, aromatic and offer luscious textures and silky tannins.

Concentrated, fresh and lower in alcohol than other recent top years like andthey will age and develop well. Strong from top to bottom. Dry white Bordeaux and sweet Bordeaux are mixed, as some wines are low in acidity. Perhaps, not quite at the level ofbit close. Pomerol and Saint Emilion are just stunning! Rich, ripe, fleshy, opulent and even decadent, the wines taste and feel great! The Merlot on the clay soils is the highlight of the vintage, but the Cabernet Franc performed almost as well.

Margaux is a revelation. In the Medoc, St. Estephe can be weak, but good wines were produced in Pauillac and Saint Julien. The sweet white wines from Sauternes are delicious! The wines are especially strong the further north you go, with Pauillac and St. Estephe producing really good wine, followed by St. The wines are soft, ripe and display silky tannins with good concentration.

Due to their forward style, while age worthy, many erobertpar,er the errobertparker will be fun to drink early. Vinttage vintage is mixed in St.

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Emilion and moderate in Pomerol, with many wines possessing a slightly dilute character. Sauternes and Barsac was also successful. Julien and Pomerol are the top two appellations. Dry white Bordeaux wine on the other hand was extremely successful.


The best wines of the vintage are the sweet Bordeaux wines from Sauternes and Barsac. Enjoy the red wines on the young side. The best wines come from Pomerol and St. However Pomerol is favored as the Merlot for most estates fully ripened.

The vintage was also successful in Pessac Leognan, but more difficult in the Medoc, as the Cabernet Sauvignon did not achieve ripeness. While the dry white wines are of high quality, Sauternes was a disaster. Most of the red wines will drink well young. Emilion that could be described as classic. The wines are fresh, bright and acidic and focus more on red fruit than darker berries.

Tannic, powerful, structured and rich, the best wines need or more years to develop. Margaux, Pauillac, Pessac Leognan and St. Emilion are the best regions. Sauternes was also successful. The wines are ripe, sexy and lush. Pomerol, Pauillac, Pessac Leognan and St.

Estephe produced the best Bordeaux wines. Pomerol and Pauillac were the most successful regions. Prices remain fair for the quality. If you have the money, this is one of the best Bordeaux vintages to lay eobertparker in your cellar. These stunning wines will only get better and more expensive.

Some strong wines were produced in St. Emilion from heavy limestone soils. Avoid Pomerol wines. The vintage lacks consistency. But at the top end, Bordeaux wines are stunning. Sauternes was also strong in this vintage. This is an average vintage with a lot of wines that can erobertparier bought for fair prices.

But there is an under ripe quality to the wines that will become more pronounced as the years go on. The best wines came from Pomerol and St.

Emilion as well as Sauternes.

Many of the wines are ready to drink. This is the type of vintage Bordeaux lovers can never have enough of in their cellars. It might look expensive today, but when these wines mature, prices will be much higher. Drink or hold Pts. This is not a year for long term cellaring as almost every wine was ready to drink. The Medoc was mixed. Pessac Leognan offers good wines. Strong wines are harder to find in the Left Bank. The best Right Bank wines are not quite at the level ofbut they sell for much less money and they are delicious.