The FINER and PICOT criteria can be useful tools in this process. CONCLUSION: It is essential to invest time, energy, and resources in the construction of the. Pregunta de investigación y estrategia PICOTMedicina. | journal- article. DOI: /medicina.v19i Formulación de preguntas clínicas específicas en formato PICO. En anteriores números de esta revista, se han revisado métodos de búsqueda y síntesis de la.

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J Nurs Manage 10 3: In the course of the twentieth century, health research techniques have been refined and clinical trials have improved.

History and development of evidence-based medicine. Such final strategy must be inserted in the search box existent in the databases, so that evidence is located by means of a bibliographic search. The PICO strategy helps in these definitions, because it orients the construction of the research question and of the bibliographic search, and permits clinical and research professional, in case of doubt or questioning, to rapidly and accurately locate the best scientific information available.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Evidence based practice is the use of the best scientific evidence to support the clinical decision making. Int J Nurs Pract December;7 6: Archie Cochrane United Kingdom exerted a profound influence on the assessment of medical interventions, establishing the importance of RCT in the evaluation of treatment effectiveness 5.

The identification of the best evidence requires the construction of an appropriate research question and review of the literature. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Appl Nurs Res August;15 3: This information will be important for the correct application of evidence-based medicine.


Table 1 presents the stages of EBP Arch Dis Child August;90 8: The adequate well constructed research question allows for the correct definition of which information evidence is needed to solve the clinical research question 7,maximizes estrqtegia recovery of evidence in the database, focuses on the research scope and avoids unnecessary searching.

Number and size of randomized trials reported in general health care journals from to The descriptors are classified as: Systematic piicot represents the use of a standardized method to synthesize data from multiple primary studies 8.

Silver based wound dressings and topical agents for treating diabetic foot ulcers. For this reason, it is essential that every researcher is familiarized with strategies to develop a research question, as estrqtegia one of its components must be defined. It is also very easy to access studies developed all over the world.

English Portuguese Copyright of Revista Medicina is the property of Revista Medicina and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. RCT studies have showed conflicting results in situations with similar research objectives and objects and generate doubts regarding effectiveness, fundamentation, indications and results of several health practices. The most known vocabularies of controlled descriptors are: This interface can be accessed on http: Langenbecks Arch Surg October; 5: World J Surg May;29 5: Principles of evidence based medicine.


Having access to the knowledge produced about a certain subject is essential for the development of good research and adequate clinical action. In addition, this paper provides a description of possible epidemiological designs that can be derived from this question, its advantages and disadvantages.


The authors used PICO to describe all the components related to the identified problem and to structure the research question, which was: EBP aims to improve care through the identification and promotion of workable practices and, at the same time, through the elimination of inefficient and prejudicial ones 7minimizing the gap between the generation of evidence and its application in patient care. Today, there are several clinical trials available in the databases.

PICO process – Wikipedia

Selection of the search terms: In order to have scientific evidence, a previous research is necessary, conducted according to scientific precepts 4. Traditional literature reviews eatrategia called narrative reviews have been criticized for a long time because the bibliographic search and study selection method is not standardized and made explicit. The EBP previews methodologies and processes in order to identify evidence of whether a certain treatment or diagnosis is effective, strategies to evaluate the quality of studies and mechanisms to implement it in care.

Evidence based clinical practice.

What is evidence-based medicine? How to cite this article. Scientific evidence represents a proof that certain knowledge is true or false.

When analyzing the dressings available, they detected that modern dressings possess silver in their composition anti-microbial but are not widely used.

This article describes the use of the PICO strategy for the construction of the research question and bibliographical search.