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I have said that this nation was the most passional one on earth. Books by Paschal Beverly Randolph. It was clear he ought to give her up at once even if the effort snapped his heart-strings, because the making of her child was a doubtful question.

I refer to the abominable practice of old men marrying young girls. Haley rated it liked it Oct 05, It is a bad sign any man hangs out when he makes “fun” of what ought to challenge his holiest emotions and most profound respect. I allude to the notorious fact that some womb-bearers, wives and mothers too, are females only physically; while spiritually, mentally, morally, psychically, and in every other way but one, they were and are wholly hard, cold, masculine beings, living contradictions of the statements their forms and functions declare to the world.

An Entirely New Theory. Here and there I got—not a new idea of it, but suggestions which led me to investigate and explore. Turn the page and behold a Christ, St. She has the gathered knowledge of her tne of student-life. In proof of the truth of these statements, and of how I had to struggle, the world is challenged to find a line of my euois in the whole 4, books on Rosicrucianism; among the brethren of that Fraternity—and I know many such in various lands, and was, till I resigned the office, Grand Master of the only Temple of the Order on the globe; or in the Ansairetic works, English, German, Syriac or Arabic.

Sitting near me in the eating-house where I dined yesterday, were four grave men, deliberately traducing their mother’s sex. Richard rated it liked it Jul 31, Let us add all that may be added of our lovf glory to our manhood’s suffering, and our coming triumph.

As I gazed on the scene upon the mystic mirror’s face, I saw the lady and her lover as before, and beheld his burning kisses fall thick and fast upon her rich, ripe, and alluring lips; saw lovr languish in voluptuous death in his strong arms, and watched her return his fiery salutation.

Harlots invariably descend unless snatched from ruin by a miracle. I leaped from the couch; rushed to my friend’s place; told historg the tragic tale; fired his soul with vengeance dire; and, putting a loaded revolver in his lovee, bade him swiftly traverse the 1, miles intervening betwixt him and his deep revenge. Campbell, in that odd book “Hermippus, or the Sage’s Triumph,” lays it down that the old can regain many months or even years of life by consorting and cohabiting with the young.


I talked with the husband; persuaded him to lay by the pistols and revenge.

EULIS! The History of Love

Until that hour I and thw had believed her to be pure as an angel from heaven; and now did I, through sympathy for him, suffer,—ay, the agonies of rhe nether hell. Thus also—and nearer nature—are their equivalents of oove Roman R; while their N, L, and sh, are unquestionably suggested by the phallus, or lingam, the opposite idea.

Where the disparity is even twenty years it is infinitely far too great. I knew a man in New York State, who literally drove his daughter, a thin, pale, waxen child of sixteen, into a hated marriage of sixty-five or thereabouts. Were a man of that age to use means to thus get a daughter of mine, say twenty-live years ago, when I was young, I think there’d have been a third-class funeral in that town; for I regard lovr as a crime even worse than some sorts of murder; and here are my reasons why: These, the facts concerning Rosicrucia and myself, are out at last.

Eliza rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Now another new thing for the doctors. Child, table, chairs, lounge—all were gone and unheeded, and on the face of that marvellous glass I beheld a scene which at the time, and for six weeks afterwards, I religiously believed was at that very instant being enacted far away, in, to the man in Toledo, dreadful reality.

Temporary attractions departed with my dead years, thank Heaven, and their fruitage was ever bitter, bitter. In the case of ordinary December and May marriages he robs her of life; she gestates horror instead of affection; for in natural marriage souls blend and interfuse more or less perfectly after a time; and those who have lived unhappy lives often find out how well they loved at heart, after death comes tapping at the gate, if not before.

I put myself in my friend’s, her husband’s place, by means of the three principles, Posism, Volantia and Decretism, hereinafter alluded to, and then, far more eupis comprehending the situation, I would not, as before, have slain her, spattered his heart’s blood upon the walls and floor, or have sent a leaden bullet crashing through his brains, for the whole world, euliss millions more just like it; for whereas before I had observed effects, I now beheld their producing, hidden causes.

Hannah marked it as to-read Sep 11, Love oof in the soul; the basic law of that soul he deliberately prostitutes, nistory his soul, as well as his body, must hiwtory does suffer.

But they did not know that those glands are the seat of all vaginal and uterine life; nor that trouble seals them up; Love only keeps them open.

It is utterly impossible for a negress having borne a child to a white father ever to give birth to one perfectly negro,—even though its father, like herself, has never a drop of other blood in him,—for the reason that the blood of the white man, through his child, has mingled in the mother’s veins.


What is the soft, sweet, flowing circle or ring, but the symbol of Faith, Eternity, Eternal Love, Magnetism,—the yoni,—the female emblem—the letter O? Other books, in other millions, uistory, atrocious, cancerous, abounding with death in every line, fraught with ruin on every page, have been, still are being, scattered everywhere across the nations, till the flower of the world’s youth has been blighted, and the morality of earth sapped dry.

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

No punishment can be too severe for the disseminators of the latter; no contempt too great for the authors eu,is the former. The garter was a girderwhich the lady dropped; and the true gentleman picked it up, pinned it to his breast, and challenged the world’s respect for himself and woman forever and forevermore.

This principle will win him from all others, and kindle love where all was cheerless, wintry blasts before. We, the people of Eulis, be it known, are students lovf nature in her interior departments, and rejecting alike the coarse materialism of the ages, and the sham “philosophies” of the ages past and current, accept only that which forces conviction by its irresistible logic.

They marry, and, to their first surprise, and subsequent horror, discover that for historu the purposes of matrimony one is hhistory, the other water, without a particle of mental lime to combine and fuse the two together, and thereby form a true kalsomate of soul. The History Of Love: So sighs a singer of the day Whose pensive strain my sympathetic lay Sadly prolongs.

There are some in the outer, a few in the inner crypts.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy – Wikisource, the free online library

I had merely read Lydde’s book, and got hold of a new name; and again mankind hurrahed for the wonderful Ansaireh, but incontinently turned up its nose at the supposed copyist. Is there any one so uninformed as to imagine for a moment that it signifies the mere string worn about the leg to keep nice stockings from dragging about fair heels?

There may be those who can lobe happiness therein.

Being in the form of a bracelet to the arm, it might possibly hishory the attention of the men from the reputed original; it might be dropped and resumed without confusion; and the only objection I can see to the use of such an ornament is the hazard of mistake from the double meaning hidtory the term perisceliswhich signifies not only a garterbut breecheswhich our English ladies never wear.