The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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You e-businesw also note whether your key flexfield allows more than one structure, and determine if you do indeed need to define more than one structure.

First use this window to define all of the independent values your application needs, then define your dependent dlexfields. However, your flexfield does not display more characters of the description than you specify. ID for the hidden ID value of the segment.

Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite

Enter the segment number for this segment. If you do not already have a suitable table, you should probably use an independent set and maintain your values using the Segment Values window. Generally, you use value sets with hidden ID columns only for report parameters. You see this description along with the context name whenever you pick a descriptive flexfield context from inside the flexfield window.

This would affect how you set up your fod.

Your value set must use the Char format type. However, you must either set up specific grants and roles or enable backwards compatibility before users can create new values or update or disable existing values.

For example, to display In the Concurrent Program Parameters window, ensure that the Required flag is marked if the parameter is required. For example, you could have value sets with the values dependent default value of 0 as described in the following table: Do you not want to validate a segment at all that is, do you want to allow a user to enter any value in the segment, such as a license number that would not be predefined?


Conversely, the wizard will show the non-ID values, such as flexfield structure names, for flexfield value set security grants that have been created using the Grants page. If you plan to display columns from more than one table in your flexfielda of values, you should leave this field blank, since it is effectively ignored in this case.

For the Security Context in this example, we assign our grant to the group of users who have the “Payables, Vision Chile” responsibility. However, these columns do not necessarily contain actual segment values, and a row in the table does not necessarily contain actual valid combinations.

The first structure has three context-sensitive segments and the second has one context-sensitive segment. Before defining your descriptive flexfield structures, use the Value Sets window to define any value sets you need.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS 12.2

You should consult the help for your key flexfield to determine whether your key flexfield uses qualifiers and what purposes they serve. In the Functional Administrator responsibility, we navigate to the Grants page and click Create Grant. Of course, you could initially define a hybrid structure that contains some global segments and some context-sensitive segments but has only one context-sensitive structure with a default context field value but no context field or reference field.

The value set is attached to a flexfield or report segment, and the user has felxfields grant or role that gives access to that segment or report parameter. The intended design is actually meant to be user friendly.


Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide

For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in independent and dependent value sets can ultimately affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades used at a company, and so on. If you plan to have Oracle E-Business Suite right justify and e-busines your values so a three-character value set value of 7 automatically comesyou want your forr size to be short enough so that your users are not overwhelmed by zeros, but long enough so that your organization has room to add more values later.

When you define your Accounting Flexfield, you cor specify which flexfield qualifiers apply to which segments.

If your value set uses Char format, with Numbers Only and maximum size of 3, then your minimum value is ” and your maximum value is ”. The field must be in the same form as the flexfield.

Define your dependent value set name and formatting options. It also contains suggestions for designing a report parameter window for your custom reports and integrating flexfields into your report parameters.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS | Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog

You decide what each segment means, what values each segment can have, and what the segment values mean. Adding segments still disables all your existing cross-validation rules and shorthand aliases for ogacle flexfield structure, however.

You must design and configure your Item Flexfield before you can start defining items.