Congratulations for choosing a quality product from FRÖLING. The FRÖLING Turbomatic waste wood boiler features a state-of-the-art design that conforms to all. View and Download Froling Turbomatic 28 – 55 kW operating instructions manual online. waste wood boiler. Turbomatic 28 – 55 kW Boiler pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Froling Turbomatic 70 – kW. We have 1 Froling Turbomatic 70 – kW manual available for free PDF download: Operating.

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Operating the system Heating up the boiler When the boiler has cooled off: Checking The Thermal Discharge Safety Device Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance Turbomahic the thermal discharge safety device Check the seal of the discharge valve The discharge pipe must not drip Turobmatic Sophisticated control systems and burn efficiency means that heat and fuel are not wasted.

General Information On Servicing Construction work on the property started in December and lasted twelve weeks.

Safety Design information 2. Once installed, the system left very little visible trace of its existence: Open all mixer taps, switch on all pumps. In addition to the wood chip, the house also includes two HRV units which work in tandem to improve both efficiency and comfort.


The boiler, burner, underfloor heating system and radiators were supplied and installed by Powertech based in Carrickmore, County Tyrone. Thermal Discharge Safety Device Return Feed Lift Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting 5.


The first hurdle that the tkrbomatic faced was that one of the main aspects of their urban-inspired home — having three storeys — was going to prove difficult. Up to per cent of the total cost of self-building can be mechanical and electrical systems [and] as houses become better insulated and air-tight better ventilation is required.

Froling Turbomatic 28 – 55 kW Operating Instructions Manual

Faults With Fault Message Safety temperature limiter back Page 17, of boiler Page Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance Removing ash from the cleaning system For Turbomatic Open the side cleaning thrbomatic and remove the ash We recommend that you use an ash vacuum.

Filling The Boiler With Firewood Faults With Fault Message Troubleshooting 5. Biomass Boilers Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy. Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4.

Warning Boiler follows shutdown procedure Error Energising The principal water and space heating system for the house is a wood chip burner and boiler. Boiler Servicing Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4 Boiler servicing 4. Return Feed Lift Safety Design information Return feed lift If the hot water return feed is below the minimum return feed temperature, some of the hot water outfeed will be mixed in.

Froling Turbomatic TMC Wood chip/Wood Pellet Boiler | cittaconsultants

Never use the main switch. Address Of Manufacturer Wood pellets require a lot less storage space than logs or wood chip. Page 26 Operating the system Heating up the boiler When the boiler has cooled off: Page 18 – Residual risks Page 19 – Emergency procedure Page 20 – Operating the system Page 21 – Loading wood chips in a partially emptie Don’t have an account?


The external blockwork features a 50 millimetre cavity with oriented strand board and breather membrane. Cleaning The Flue Gas Sensors Safety Devices Safety Safety devices 2. Out of those, high humidity air will be continually extracted. Green Warmth supply and install a range of quality biomass boilers for logs, pellet and chip installations ranging from 10 kw for the smallest domestic pellet boilers through to kw for the largest chip boiler for commercial installations.

Safety Emergency procedure 2. Wood chip and pellet thrbomatic with automatic loading Types: Permitted Uses Safety Permitted uses 2.

Overview of pellet boiler

Cleaning The Induced Draught Ventilator This manual also for: Take the following precautions: Neil Orr is himself well-versed in sustainable building as head of timber frame house manufacturers Advanced Timbercraft, also based in County Antrim.

Load the fuel at the filling opening 3.

Cleaning The Smoke Flue Pipe Design Information Safety Design information 2. Boiler servicing Inspection, cleaning and maintenance 4 Boiler servicing 4. Size is not the only compromise with sustainability.

Incorrect use of the turbomahic can cause severe injuries and damage! If the fuel is changed e. Operate only in exceptional cases We accept no responsibility for damage caused by continuous emergency operation!