Bellhops, Skycaps and Doormen: Although this is significant higher than minimum wage, limo drivers rely on tips to supplement their salary far above their set hourly rate. You may also like. What should you tip a shuttle driver? Executive travel gives us all a chance to say thanks to those who have made our journey easier chauffeurs, baristas, concierges.

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How Much Should I Tip a Limo Driver or Chauffeur?

He must be knowledgeable about traffic conditions and alternative routes, and he must be able to grahuity the drive so that his passengers arrive at their destination at the proper time. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. See for yourself how vulnerable you are. However if your contract does not include a tip price, then 15 to 18 percent is in order.

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How Much Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?

The truth is that tipping is part of a travel budget. Los Angeles Limousine Tipping Etiquette. This is, of course, contextual and follows common sense rules.


You may gratuitt to ask the company if the full gratuity will be paid to the driver. West Suburban Limousine – private car service chicago.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. If you are unsure about how much to tip your chauffeur, here are some tipping guidelines that may help.

The tip can be calculated as a percentage of your total bill as follows: As you would with any other worker in the service industry, you can base the amount of your tip on the level of service.

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How much should you tip an Eaze driver? Now back to the important question at hand. Updated Oct 8, When you get a meal delivered, how much do you tip the driver? This is my promise. Special requests are stopping for French fries or taking a spin by the beach. Tipping is something you can dial in really well after doing for some time. Executive travel gives us all a chance to say thanks to those who have made our journey easier chauffeurs, baristas, concierges.


That being said, the tipping schedule is a little different for the limo driver taking you to and from the prom than it would be for a limo that is merely taking you to the airport. If those services are met or exceeded, then an additional tip may be in order.

What is the usual gratuity for the limo driver?

You share your most intimate secrets with your search engine without even thinking: I dont beg, and most of the time dont ask. How fof Tip Valet Parking.

Where When and How Much. How much do you tip a hairstylist? As a limo driver, I try to go above and beyond my clients requests.

When you have hired someone in the service industry, you must adjust your tip according to the quality of service that you receive.

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