Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Xbox Halo videogame series. Karen Traviss, who has penned number. Halo has ratings and reviews. Broken_fingers said: Meh Disappointment. This is my first Karen Traviss book. I will not be buying her next Ha. Halo: Glasslands is a novel by Karen Traviss set in the Halo Expanded Universe. It is the first part of the “Kilo-Five trilogy” set in the months after the events.

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Jul disagrees, saying that they should wipe out humanity while their guard is down.

Halo: Glasslands

Doctor Halsey may have done some awful things but she was a humanized character and the engine which enabled her actions moves on without her. Parangosky proceeds to discuss the status of the personnel involved with Kilo I also felt she was a great fit for the Haloverse as she does excellent military science-fiction depictions. Telcam agrees to the arrangement. Others have written about the flaws of this book, but here are a few points I have to get off my glawslands. I especially liked that we got into Doctor Halsey’s head about the fact she’s just lost her daughter, Miranda Keyes, and that she doesn’t have any beliefs or remaining loved ones to provide her comfort during this time.

Jul goes to the Bekan keep, only to find that Relon and his brother Jalam has been killed, and has been hanged from a hastily erected scaffolding.


Phipps rated it it was amazing Shelves: Evan Phillips and Naomi are all prepared for their briefing. Not a huge deal, still a good read and I plan to read the sequel, “The Thursday War”, but that specific theme throughout the book was too heavy and recurring.

Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss

See all reviews. Not saying I don’t like the tone of the other books, I actually really enjoy all Halo fiction. Table top Halo Interactive Strategy Game.

What’s interesting is all of this is built on the organic foundation of Halo’s politics and faction rather than anything typical of video game sci-fi like ancient artifacts or some dastardly villain setting plans in motion. The counter perspectives of the ONI team and the Covenent makes for tense reading and some twisty plotting that, glasslans its best, head me on the edge of my seat. The Covenant-that-was, a seething mixture of religious zealotry and rival galsslands species, is trying to regain its primacy and find a new path back to its former glory.

But though the fighting’s stopped, glasskands war is far from over: The Author, Karen Travis, focuses on telling a much more personal story rather than an action driven narrative that most of the halo books maintain. While investigating haalo surroundings they are reminded tha In the eigth book in this series we have 3 interwoven stories. The Battle of Corrin. It really accomplished nothing, and many of my “points” were just rants that the game did not shape up to be exactly how I had pictured it.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. So you can imagine what happens when one of the high ranking Sengheili, called the Arbiter, calls for a peace treaty with Earth. Later, Jul and fellow former shipmaster Forze travel to Ontom in order to meet with the Abiding Truth. The problem is that very little actually reflects this. Doctor Halsey is attempting to make up for her crimes in creating the original Spartans by protecting them from the destruction of the galaxy at the hands of the Flood.


Halo Glasslands by Karen Traviss

As a result there are some pretty steep prerequisites for Glasslands name you have played Halo 3 not unlikely if you are reading a Halo novel and have read Ghosts of Onyx.

Halsey to her feet. I get it, Halsey is a horrible individual, I’ve know that from the Fall of Reach. Ha,o the recon team comes across a Forerunner city. Thank you for your feedback. Ignoring the fact this should have outright killed the unenhanced woman in her mid-sixties, this is connoted as if this were a child striking back against an abusive parent.

So this book felt like a filler book. It’s a twisted collection of plots, subplots, and counter-plots which all come together in a prequel for the events of Halo 4. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

On this note, I feel she did a lot better with her own newly created characters i.