I6: Ravenloft is an adventure module for the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Created as a Gothic/Hammer Horror-themed. Ravenloft, I6 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Official Game Adventure #) [ Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman] on *FREE* shipping on. 15 items Find great deals on eBay for ravenloft i6. Shop with confidence.

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Aging beams support a steep roof. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Unfortunately, the vampire is likely to be hunting them! The Hickmans were being pioneers with this form of storytelling and so there are techniques of storytelling here that I can only describe as clunky.

Running Ravenloft

Bill Slavicsekdirector of Wizards of the Coast’s RPGs and Miniatures department, noted that it was the first adventure to “mix tone, story, and dungeon crawl” in a module, and game designer Andy Collins agreed. Archived from the original on June 3, Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. The design flaws it does have will be avoided by most experienced DMs simply having Madame Eva encounter the players on the road and telling their fortune there would make a major improvement to the tale.

Strahd blamed his age for the rejection, and made a pact with evil powers to live forever. The next two cards determine the locations of Strahd and the Tome of Strahda book that details Strahd’s long-ago unrequited love. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Ravenloft has a few curious tricks of design. Ravenlft and Laura Hickman.


I6: Ravenloft

Pyramid Volume rvaenloft, Issue 72 – Oct They play-tested the adventure with a group of players each Halloween for five years before it was published. Ravenloft’s success led to a sequel in titled Ravenloft II: All of the shops are permanently closed, except for the tavern and the local trader.

Retrieved March 6, However, it is the evocation of the genre that succeeds more than the actual implementation. Archived from the original on Ravenloft inspired a campaign setting of the same name[3] published in The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Various story elements, including Strahd’s motivation and the locations of magical weaponsare randomly determined by drawing cards.

I6: Ravenloft – 1d4chan

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Example maps and sections include the Lands of Barovia, the Court of the Count, five entries for each level of the Spires of Ravenloft, and the Dungeons and Catacombs. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: The book also includes suggestions ravenlort incorporating the adventure into an existing generic setting, Forgotten RealmsEberron or d20 Modern campaign.

TSR Wizards of the Coast. The reprinting of I6 Ravenloft. The true heart of the storytelling lies with Strahd and his aims, and the adventure relies heavily on the Dungeon Master to properly bring it to life.


Retrieved February 28, Ravenloft begins with the characters being tricked into entering Barovia, a land under the rule of a cruel vampire, Strahd. They leave the “mortal world” as Ireena says, “Through these many centuries we have played out the tragedy of our lives.

Each location contains treasure and adversaries, including zombieswolvesghoulsghostsand other creatures. Add tags Tags separate by space: Dragon Issue 81 – Jan Reviews for Ravenloft were generally positive. Ravenloft won one award, and was included on two “best of” lists. The bulk of the adventure is set in Castle Ravenloft, where the Hickmans have a number of nasty creatures and wondrous treasures waiting to you.

Retrieved August 13, A review with a historical perspective. The maps are done in a style occasionally referred to as isomorphic: New SF and Fantasy gamesand rulebooks reviewed by independent authorities.

The Encyclopedia of the Undead 1st ed.

AD&D Review: I6 Ravenloft – Merric’s Musings

In this work, it is revealed that Strahd had fallen in love with a young girl, who in turn loved his younger brother. Sutherland is also listed as the cartographer in ‘s House of Strahd.

From the front cover: