IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Storage facility Configuring the DS storage for FB volumes. Front cover. IBM System Storage. DS Architecture and Implementation. Bertrand Dufrasne. Andreas Baer. Peter Klee. Danijel Paulin. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM System Storage™ DS series of disk storage.

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IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation | IBM Redbooks

Hardware components and architecture 41 3. POWER6 cache availability In the event that an uncorrectable error occurs in L2 or L3 cache, the system will be able to dynamically remove the offending line of cache without requiring a reboot. No client network connection should ever be made directly to these internal switches Chapter 3. The business class option allows a system to be configured with more drives per device adapter, thus reducing configuration cost and increasing adapter utilization.

The data is then cached in volatile memory in case it is required again. The card itself is PCIe Gen 2. This number is double that of POWER6 eight for the kernel, seven for the user, and one for the Hypervisor that enhances a key resiliency that is very important for virtualization environments.

This feature has views that show the mappings of elements of the logical configuration to physical hardware components. Host Attachment and Interoperability, SG Power and cooling components power supplies, batteries, and fans Power control cards: The DS offers either a dual 2-way processor complex or a dual 4-way processor complex.


The DS supports over 90 platforms. Monitoring and reporting capabilities that can be used to enable more in-depth performance reporting Asset and capacity reporting Automation for the DS Management of other resources including storage devices, server file systems, tape drives, tape libraries, and SAN environments.

All storage configuration and service actions are managed through the HMC. The design is to not move the data from NVS to the disk arrays. Storage Tier Advisor Tool: DDM cooling on the DS is provided by these integrated fans in the disk enclosures. It is possible to allow one or more of the following functions: Without a drive or a dummy, cooling air does not circulate properly. The enclosure is shown in Figure on page Both these features enable over-provisioning capabilities that provide more efficient usage of the storage capacity and reduced storage management requirements.

Each DA can support two switched FC networks. For an explanation of DA pairs, see 3. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This enables the FSP to take appropriate action. Four DDMs are taken from one enclosure in the disk enclosure pair, and four are taken from the other enclosure in the pair.

IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation Front cover

Each processor complex has connections to each switch to allow each server to access both private networks. Host adapter cards can arcnitecture either 8 Gbps certain restrictions apply or 4 Gbps. Expansion frames can only be added to 4-way systems. However, on closer inspection, the frames themselves are almost identical.

Figure DS concurrent upgrade path Chapter 2.

When the failed disk is replaced, the replacement will be the same type as the failed 15K RPM disk. This expansion frame for the model includes enclosures for additional DDMs and additional FC host adapter cards to allow a maximum configuration of 32 FC host adapter cards.

You can also discover more about PCI Express at the following website: DS does not support model conversion, that is, business class and standard class cabling conversions are not supported.

  CERFA 14882 PDF

IBM System Storage DS8000 Architecture and Implementation Front cover

It will notify you and IBM when service is required. DS can have up to six Standby CoD drive sets arrchitecture drives. Tripping the EPO switch will bypass all power sequencing control and result in immediate removal of system power.

Up to three expansion models can be added.

In that case, each of those frames will have two BBUs. DS is designed for hot and cold aisle data center design, drawing air for cooling from the front of the system and exhausting hot air at the rear. There are a minimum of four spares for the largest capacity array site on the DA pair.

It is achieved by using the redundant design of the DS RPC cards are only present in the base frame. If you have real-time response requirements in architecthre area, contact IBM to determine the latest information about how to manage your storage to meet your requirements.

It is an improvement from all previous DS models including the DS The suspect disk drive and the new spare are set up in a temporary RAID 1, allowing the troubled drive to be duplicated onto the spare rather than performing a full RAID reconstruction from data and parity. Table Capacity comparison of device adapters, DDMs, and storage capacity.

Vervante May 13, Language: Automatic reboot of a frozen partition or Hypervisor. The following software is used on the isolated key server: